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Through a partnership with Niobium, Lightning Motorcycles is developing an electric Superbike prototype to break the world speed record. They aim for 400 km / h. But will it be enough?

Tachyon n

In 2014, Lightning Motorcycles launched its LS-218, a series-produced electric motorcycle whose top speed was raised to just over 350km / h. This allowed the manufacturer to declare this model as the fastest motorcycle in the world, all energies combined.

However, the supercharged brand wants to go further with its Tachyon Nb prototype. This time it’s about setting a new speed record. For this, several magical sites have already been identified. In particular, the El Mirage desert located in the arid Mojave area in southern California, and the unmissable Bonneville Salt Lake located in Utah.

The name of the Tachyon Nb project comes from a hypothesis developed by scientists in the 1960s of a particle with the potential to exceed the speed of light and reach the moon in less than a second. “, Explain the partners in a press release.


High-performance electric motorcycle supplier of a solution based on the metal of the same name, Niobium is included in the list of equipment manufacturers of the LS-218. He also looked into the cradle of the Bonneville Tachyon Nb Superbike. Thus bringing its alloy brake discs, parts at the level of the battery charger and the reinforced frame.

The role of the branch of the Brazilian group CBMM was in particular to participate in the weight hunt ” to reach an unprecedented level of performance on two wheels “. And this, following the leitmotif:” The speed of lightness “. The future electric motorcycle has already received the mission” to raise the technological level for components in the transport sector “.

It is a question of overcoming the limits of the high-performance materials that enter the composition of the various elements mounted on the machine. The partners aim to exceed 400 km / h. According to them, this should ensure Tachyon Nb the title of the fastest electric motorcycle in the world.

400 km / h

Is 400 km / h really the target value for inscribing the future car in the history of the salt lake? Developed by Voxan today within Venturi, the Wattmann could very well give Niobium and Lightning Motorcycles a run for their money. Officially, the Monegasque electric motorcycle raised the world speed record a few months ago to 366.94 km / h, with the Italian rider Max Biaggi at the handlebars.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the team did not travel to Bonneville, but to Châteauroux airport. However, the acceleration scenario was not suitable for this setting. The Wattmann was not fully released. So much so that the car’s GPS counter registered 408 km / h. A performance that, however, could not be taken into consideration.

Furthermore, the Voxan staff were already aiming much higher than the 2 Californian partners at the beginning of last year. For him, the record to break is the 478 km / h achieved by Ralph Hudson on a thermal motorcycle without fairing. This is why Niobium and Lightning bikes need to see a lot beyond 400km / h.


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