Switching from Samsung Pay to Wallet causes bugs, please wait before updating


Samsung Pay is transforming to become Samsung Wallet, but this transition is not going smoothly. Users report bugs and the Frandroid editors have also found bugs.

Samsung Galaxy Store
The Samsung Wallet page on the Galaxy Store // Source: Frandroid

In June 2022, Samsung Pay became Samsung Wallet. Beyond the name change, it is mainly a fusion of different features to enrich the application. In addition to being able to pay with their smartphone, users also benefit from Samsung Pass password manager services or an option to save vaccination certificates, car keys or boarding passes.

Very nice promises, but at first there seem to be hiccups. Taking a look at the page dedicated to Samsung Wallet on the Galaxy Store, we can see that negative comments emerge to report malfunctions.

Samsung Wallet doesn’t work on multiple smartphones

I can’t even open the app “Says a person who uses a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. ” It doesn’t work, every time I open the application I get a message marked with “connection error”. “, We read in another comment posted by a Galaxy S21 FE. Same story on a Galaxy A53 5G: “Samsung Pay worked fine until the update. Since it tells me that my device is not compatible“We also read in another report that it“ doesn’t work ”on a Galaxy Z Flip 3.

At the house ofFrandroidAdditionally, we encountered a similar problem on a Galaxy S22 Plus after installing Samsung Wallet. Opening the application, a text presents the news to be discovered about the service, but above an error message appears to indicate that “Samsung Pay is not supported on this phoneSo far, though, the device has had no problem registering a compatible bank card and making contactless payments.

Samsung Pay Samsung Wallet error message
Samsung Wallet refuses to launch on a Galaxy S22 Plus // Source: Frandroid

Another strange element: on our S22 + the icon and the name of the app correspond to Samsung Pay, but clicking on it is thehome screenSamsung Wallet that appears – before you get to the error message.

On our Galaxy S22 Ultra, the problem is again different. Despite installing Samsung Wallet from the Galaxy Store, it is still the old version of Samsung Pay that launches on the smartphone. No problem of use therefore, but the phone therefore does not have access to the update once downloaded.

By contrast, a team member’s Galaxy S21 Ultra experienced none of these issues. Samsung Wallet installation went smoothly on this model and the app works normally. In the app drawer, the icon and name are also correct.

We contacted Samsung to find out if the manufacturer was aware of these issues and if they had an official explanation to provide. We will update this article if necessary. There are good reasons to hope the brand won’t let this worry drag on for too long.

An important issue for Samsung

After all, Samsung Pay / Wallet is an important element for the company that wants to fully develop its ecosystem. It is with this in mind that the manufacturer offers different types of interconnected devices, but this desire is particularly reflected through the software experience offered. On smartphones, the One UI interface has a strong identity that is expressed not only in the design and navigation logic, but also in the internal applications.

Samsung wants you to use its browser instead of Google Chrome, its SMS or Phone app. And likewise, South Korea wants its users to fall in love with Samsung Pay rather than a competing service. To avoid getting in the way, he therefore has a vested interest in rushing to implement a solution.

In the meantime, we recommend that you do not install the update at this time.

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