Suzuki and Caufield would not say no to Slafkovsky


“He seems like a good player to me. He would be perfectly suited to playing with me and Cole. We’ll see.”

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Jean-Francois Teotonio

Jean-Francois Teotonio
The print

Nick Suzuki said a few good words about Juraj Slafkovsky on Sunday, on the sidelines of the Cummings Jewish Center for Seniors Foundation’s Sports Celebrity Luncheon, in Mount Royal.

Slafkovsky is on the list of prospects that the Canadian could select in the first place, during the NHL draft next July.

Cole Caufield thinks Suzuki, Slafkovsky and himself could get along like thieves on ice.

Photo Philippe Boivin, THE PRESS

Cole Caufield signs a Nick Suzuki shirt.

The idea was launched by the Slovakian himself in an interview with his colleague Guillaume Lefrançois in Buffalo two weeks ago. “It would be a pretty crazy trio [a pretty sick line] “, He suggested.

“That would be great! Caufield responds with a smile when asked about the hopeful offer.” I know he is a great player. I like playing with Nick too, so that’s not a bad idea! ”

Photo Philippe Boivin, THE PRESS

Cole Caufield

Don’t read this as an affront to Shane Wright, a center that most experts have long predicted will be a No. 1. When Suzuki is asked if he has a preference between the two players, the CH star smiles. “I don’t make those decisions,” she replies wisely.

“We will be happy no matter who is chosen. ”

Marie-Philip Poulin fans

The event brought together a plethora of sports personalities. Present were Canadian former students Frank and Pete Mahovlich, jovial and smiling. Just like Yvan Cournoyer. Among the guests also the staff of the Alouettes and the Alliance of Montreal.

Photo Philippe Boivin, THE PRESS

Devon Levi, Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki, in front of the legendary Frank and Pete Mahovlich and Yvan Cournoyer

Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki arrived around 8:30 am. They were then inundated with requests for autographs and photos from many of the approximately 300 guests. The only pause in this chapter took place during the various presentations, while they were having lunch at the table. As soon as they left the stage at the end of the ceremony, the dance resumed with a vengeance.

We interfere in agglutination to ask them to comment on the Canadian’s recent news. Starting with the arrival of Marie-Philip Poulin in the team.

“I met her the other day,” Suzuki says. You seem like a good person who loves hockey. It’s really cool to be able to learn from one of the best hockey players. ”

Photo Philippe Boivin, THE PRESS

Nick Suzuki with Ryan (age 10)

What do you know about what many consider to be the best player of all time?

“I know a lot! I have been watching it for a long time, with all these Olympics. She is a great player. It will be a pleasure to meet you.”

Caufield speaks of an “incredible” assumption. “It will be a great addition to our already exceptional staff,” he says. I am very excited. ”

He reacts similarly when asked about Martin St-Louis’s contract extension as head coach. “It’s a great decision,” Caufield said. He has done a lot with our team in a very short time. ”

We understand it to be happy. The arrival of the St. Louis has really revived the striker’s season. But for Caufield, it’s not just about what it can bring him.

“Train everyone, not just individuals. He is a guy you want to play for. He bothers me. ”

Same story for Suzuki.

Photo Philippe Boivin, THE PRESS

Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield with Zalmy, 7

“It’s great to have the chance to have him as a coach, the midfielder rejoices. Really glad he’s back. I know he wanted to come back, so I’m happy they reached an agreement. ”

Suzuki also expects to be present at the repechage on 7 July. He also plans to invite new Canadiens players to the restaurant.

“We’ll probably invite them to dinner,” he says, smiling. I think they will stay up to the beginner training camp. We can probably get them out somewhere. ”

“You have to give the CH time”, says Ronald Corey

Ronald Corey has not been president of the Canadiens for 23 years. This does not stop him from wishing him further success. In this regard, he advocates patience. “When you look [Nick] Suzuki and [Cole] Caufield is a good base to start, “he says in a short interview with The print, Sunday. Mr. Corey claims he has “100% confidence” in the new staffing staff in place. “There are a lot of beautiful people,” he adds, before explaining that he doesn’t know them personally.

He is asked about the ongoing team rebuilding process. “You have to give them time,” he replies simply, without wanting to go into details.

“I am very excited. ”


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