Strange, this gigantic black hole is spinning very slowly!


This is a record beaten by this black hole: it is the most massive detected with a precise measurement of its spin. And the researchers deduced the rotation speed, which turns out to be extremely slow!

They are located in the center of each galaxy active, according to scientists. The supermassive black holes reach millions or even billions of solar masses. Their formation remains mysterious even today, but they can be characterized by few parameters. ” Each black hole can be defined by only two numbers: its rotation and its masssaid Julia Sisk-Reynes of the Institute of Astronomy (IoA) at the University of Cambridge in the UK, who led a new study published in the journal Royal Astronomical Society Monthly Notices. “While it sounds simple enough, determining these values ​​for most black holes has proved incredibly difficult. “

This is what Julia and her team did, observing X-rays bouncing off an accretion disk that rotates around the quasar H1821 + 643. The latter turned out to be a supermassive black hole very strange: with a mass between 3 and 30 billion solar masses, it is one of the most massive ever discovered. But, strangely, rotation speed is almost double that measured for black holes of similar mass to that of Sagittarius A *, the one located in the center of the Milky Way.

Clues to the formation of black holes

A phenomenon that researchers do not fully explain, but attribute to the formation of this black hole. Located at 3.4 billionlight years of the Earth, it may have been formed by mergers following lower mass black holeswhether they are stellar or intermediate. “The moderate rotation of this ultra-massive object may be testimony to the violent and chaotic history of the world’s largest black holes.Universe, said co-author James Matthews, also from the IoA. It could also give an idea of ​​what will happen to our Galaxy’s supermassive black hole billions of years into the future when the Milky Way collides with Andromeda and other galaxies. ” Indeed, during a merger of this type, the resulting black hole’s rotation is modified by the numerous gravitational effects that twist the two monsters in interaction.

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