Steam Neo Fest June 2022: An FPS demo festival


Steam regularly organizes the Steam Neo Fest (or Next Fest in the Beatles language), events that allow players to test hundreds of indie game demos. The June session runs until Monday, June 20, and to see more clearly in this big mess, we bring you a small, non-exhaustive list of FPS demos.

If you are too lazy to read the entire article, we recommend that you try Selaco, Trepang² or Metal: Hellsinger first.

Metal: Hellsinger

Genre: rhythmic FPS
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Extract of our preview : “Do you like heavy metal that stains and slaughters demons to the rhythm of the movements of your head? So watch Metal: Hellsinger out of the corner of your eye – his atypical concept of mixing rhythm play and FPS works very well and flatters the reptilian brain, while his soundtrack is excellent. It remains to be seen, however, whether it will hold up over time. On the other hand, if big over-the-top guitar riffs aren’t your thing, skip it and wait for the more eclectic Gun Jam instead. “

Rip off

Genre: horror cooperative
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Extract of our preview : “In RIPOUT, you are a soldier of the future whose mission is to explore abandoned spaceships to achieve various objectives. Except the places are infested with mutated creatures that will jump on you at the slightest opportunity. The peculiarity of the title is to provide you with a “pet pistol”, either a main weapon – assault rifle, pump or carbine – or a kind of pet that runs with its small legs to attack enemies and grab forms. (…) For the moment it is very empty and it is done in less than an hour. On the other hand, it is very stable and the artistic direction is excellent. A beautiful project with interesting potential (…) “


Genre: Retro FPS
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Extract of our preview : “Are you a fan of retro boomer shooters and have nothing against dreary color palettes? Try the new CULTIC demo. Jason Smith gives us a taste of an old school shooter, but tinged with modern elements that allow the game to offer enjoyable and dynamic combat. Now it remains only to know if the experience will be equally satisfying over time “.


Genre: Retro FPS single player
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THE boomer-shooter par excellence. Entirely built from the GZDoom engine, Selaco is undoubtedly one of the most successful retro FPSs never. With high quality detailed graphics, but most of all a highly inspired hair vs foe gameplay FEAR, is certainly the most promising game of the selection. The fights are violent and visceral, thanks to fun weapons and a wide range of movements. If you only need to test a demo, this is the one to choose.

Trepan 2:

Genre: FPS Singleplayer / FEAR-Like
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Trepang2 wants to be the worthy successor to FEAR, a cult FPS from the 2000s. And, for an indie developer, we can only admire the work done: the fights are brutal, the enemies have an almost believable behavior and they don’t have to be green, screams , it explodes and bleeds in all directions … The demo is quite short and offers the prologue, a scripted sequence of corridors and arenas, as well as a “secondary” level, actually a horde mode. Everything is pretty effective and very promising, but still a little below its model.

Fashion Police Squad:

Genre: fun retro FPS
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A retro FPS whose concept is a joke: you are a cop who is a member of the fashion team. You have to face and classify a whole host of enemies, ranging from workers in grayish clothes to young people in baggy pants and apparent underpants. It looks very silly, and it is, but it’s also pretty well done, with a labyrinthine level design full of secrets, rock-paper-scissors-style battles and grappling stages. Nothing transcendent though, but enough to have fun the 20 minutes that the demo lasts.

Shire of memories

Genre: Acid Thief
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Keepsake County invites you to rob a procedurally generated house and recover as many items as possible in 8 minutes flat. From the great classic with burglary, alarms to be deactivated and NPCs to avoid / bind / attract when TV is on. Keepsake County comes out of the game with a strange art direction to say the least. Grotesque sprites, coarse textures, and flat colors, so much so that you shouldn’t be afraid of bleeding your eyes to start. All of this could be nice if the game hadn’t gone under the vinegar: textures appearing everywhere (but especially in the wrong place), optimization completely in the cabbage and level design often out of place. Finally, in just 40 minutes of demo, I already had a strong sense of repetitiveness. I have no idea where the developers are, but there is still a lot to be done to make Keepsake County interesting.

county of memories
There are no videos on Youtube, so here is a screenshot

Sker ritual:

Genre: Cooperative Horde mode
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Imagine Call of Duty’s zombie mode, except you replace the zombies with a ragged Welshman. There you have it, this is Sker Ritual. You are stuck in a level facing increasing hordes. With each enemy killed, you earn money which will allow you to purchase weapons or open doors to unlock new corners of the map. From time to time it will be necessary to achieve some specific objectives (destroy a generator, recover an object …) in order to move forward. It’s not very exciting, the enemies all look the same with a few exceptions, the weapon balance is lacking and the atmosphere is a bit grim … But it pretty much works. By cons, beware, it is not very nice and row.


Genre: Broken FPS
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In the next future, UAC the TEC has installed a station research extraction March Titan. Unfortunately, the mega corporation has lost contact with the facility, so they are sending you to see what’s going on. Here is the basic tone of Retchid, a Wish version of Doom 3. There is almost everything: the futuristic station, the handhelds, the interactive screens, the possessed / zombified employees … Now only a DA, a feeling and a soul, hoping to look like something other than a tinkering game First person shooter creator.


Genre: Cyberpunk roguelite and arena combat
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Deadlink is a FPS with a roguelite component that takes place in a cyberpunk universe. However, playing this title from Gruby Entertainment, it’s hard not to think about DOOM Eternal. Like in ID Software’s masterpiece, you will chain fight in the arena, use and abuse your grappling hook, shoot in all directions, and run out of ammo, life and armor constantly. To refuel, Deadlink will force you to take risks and go towards the opponent, just like you had to do at the controls of the Doom Slayer. Do you want ammo? Go destroy the orbs floating in the level. Are you short of HP and Kevlar? Mark enemies with your grenades to refuel when they die. Deadlink’s fights are therefore dynamic, rather nervous and quite enjoyable. The title of Gruby Entertainment could prove to be a nice surprise, to be reserved for people who are tolerant of the bars of life and roguelites.


Genre: Cooperative mythological roguelite
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On paper, Perish promises to be an original roguelite, with a mythological universe with many references to ancient gods and many weapons to unlock. Indeed, we get lost in mazes, reaching dark objectives while being chased by a handful of mobs that reappear endlessly. And to top it off, the game imposes on us a constant stutter that affects the system.

Mortal sin

Genre: Retro Roguelite with melee weapons
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With its retro style in contrasting colors and its hand-to-hand or hand-to-hand combat, Mortal Sin offers a refreshing enough experience to appeal to roguelite aficionados. Nothing revolutionary in its mechanics, but several small subtleties keep you coming back there without complaining. Different resources to collect (to recover his health, repair his equipment or buy something to open a chest), different possible hits with his melee weapon depending on the duration of our click and a small dose of dismemberment to manage for certain enemies. There are just these harmless and not really scary leaps of fear that I didn’t quite understand, but nothing serious. The demo will keep you busy for a good hour or more.

SCP: Secret files

Genre: Cheap horror walking simulator
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SCP: Secret Files is a horrifying flashlight walking simulation, dozens of which are released every month on Steam. But in addition to suffering from a glaring lack of originality, the game is incredibly cheap, whether in terms of voice acting, sound effects, or overall accomplishment. It also has the luxury, for the moment, of not offering an options menu worthy of the name, and you won’t even be able to change a parameter as basic as resolution. Reserved for hardcore SCP Foundation fans, who would be fans, for some reason, of QTE and the heartbreaking jump scares based on dummies.


Genre: First Person Shooter
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TIMESTRIDE is a FPS that should be original, because we have a clock that allows us to switch between two time dimensions. Convenient for avoiding soldiers, but less practical when you realize the other side is populated by humanoid monsters. We can switch from one to the other whenever we want, but it really has no interest, because we are pissed off in both dimensions. Neither gunfights nor hand-to-hand combat are well done. It really sucks.


Genre: DIY FPS in VR
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Originally presented as a cooperative survival against zombies, the demo offered here is a deathmatch beast against other humans. Still, it’s pretty fun trying to knock out opponents with anything from a rake to a living room lamp. There is a crafting system for making bombs and other traps, and you can handle firearms. You can also combine multiple weapons to create one less practical more effective, if we can find some tape. For now, the maneuverability is very perfectible, so it quickly turns into a crippling fight, but at least it’s fun when there are people on the server.

Here are the demos tested by some members of the editorial staff. We’ve probably forgotten a few, so don’t hesitate to share your experiences in the comments!


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