Sony’s updated console release date, price and specs


The PS5 will get an even more powerful version with a larger SSD and … two graphics chips, to create an ultra-powerful PS5 Pro.

The Playstation 5 console already has two versions: the “classic“and edit”100%digital“, without disk drives. Sony’s desire is simply to be present in a wider price range and thus increase the number of customers. Hence, shortly, the creation of a new even more high-end model to rival with Xbox Series X.

PS5 Pro: release date … in 2023?

  • The PS5 Pro is neither dated nor announced.

Many rumors still lend him a release in 2023, but none were really credible until sources arrived specifying that “strange prototypes were sent to the developers“. The release date of the Playstation 5 Pro it would be late 2023 or early 2024 at the latest.

Other information, is the partner of TCL Technology which turned out to be somewhat in error a release date for the next generationstarting … also in 2023, with the PS5 Pro and the next XBOX console.

PS5 Pro: a ready-made model from Sony

However, the Pro version console would have already been finalized at Sony’s headquarters. Better still, the secrecy around this new product would be worthy of a true James Bond: locked in a secret room, the Playstation 5 Pro is still in a Plexiglas safe equipped with anti-photo mirrors.

Only 2 to 4 people at Sony would have the exact combination to fit the room, while the various R&D departments (design, components, software interface, etc.) would be kept secret by very restrictive contracts.

If the legend is deliberately impressive and probably a little exaggerated, the fact remains that the company tries to keep the upper hand on its communication.

  • According to many insiders, the announcement of the PS5 was indeed a bit rushed to respond to Microsoft that it had designed its XBOX Series X very soon.

Sony would try to avoid new communication hitches, since the Japanese company likes to keep control until its consoles are released. Then he turned on the misfires around the “lies”. the 10 backward compatible apps between PS4 and PS5 (which were in fact more than 200) it should be history.


PS5 Pro: technical data sheet and components of the machine

Where some reporters had seen it wrong in believing the PS5 Pro would be part of the align launch together with the other two parlor machines (classic and discless model) was nothing. Sony would actually have considered not playstation 5 pro since the costs would be high, and a colossal problem would arise: that of semiconductors.

  • In 2021 (and the crisis will take years to resolve), a shortage of semiconductors affects the whole worldand blocks the entire high-tech sector. You are here how Play station how Xbox how NVIDIAall producers are at a minimum.

Playstation 5 Pro therefore remains the mystery, even if the patents filed by Sony give a clue and speak for the first time of a “high-end ps5“, with a new architecture. In particular:

  1. Two SLI-style graphics cards (GPUs) in the center of the console
  2. “One of the graphics chips focuses on rendering the game, the second completes the effects”
  3. Ray-Tracing improved thanks to a faster and less greedy calculation process, “using free cells instead of adding data to the data heap that must already be processed“.

Sony had it too patented a new liquid cooling system for a home console that would present, according to the description “up to two graphics chips“… This would allow them to gain power in a rather insane way and far outstrip the competing Xbox Series X. And, among other things, avoid the risk of overheating despite the new computing power of more than 15 teraflops. (compared to 10.5 for the current PS5 and 12.5 for the Xbox Series X).

Concept creator on Youtube

The price of the Playstation 5 Pro console: 599 euros only in bundle, with two controllers?

Also as regards the price, you have to trust the first rumors to find out more. On the forums, some posts have since been deleted refer to a rate of $ 699for the future consul,reminiscent of the PS3 fiasco. Considered too expensive at this price a few years ago, how could the eventual PS5 Pro can you justify this price?

The € 600-700 pill would be better, at least this time, thanks to some important bonuses. According to a post on 4CHAN, the PS5 Pro would only be available in an XXL package, not with a controller Dualsense but twoas well as the new iteration of PSVR 2.

The continuation and the end of the post on 4CHAN makes it clear that the very design of the classic Playstation 5 is meant for a quick review. The existing console is big, very big and fat. Within two years, it will be very easy for Sony to market an equally powerful but smaller model (Slim PS5) as well as improving performance (PS5 Pro).

From here, some even make a comparison with nintendo and its Nintendo Switch OLEDsimilar model in many ways to his little sister but with a touch of modernity.


PS5 Pro Games: No exclusivity, just a + in terms of memory?

The last point of importance for a new console is that of video games. The new PlayStation 5 it’s already very powerful, very fast and the developers love it. Instead Sony buys studios at a crazy pacewhat benefits could PS5 Pro really have?

Quite simply, and this is it SONY directly from which this voice comes, it is in internal memory. We will have to wait until August 2021, that is 8 months after the release of the PlayStation 5to be able to increase the internal capacity of the machine with an additional SSD module.

SONYin his usual great silence, however, he will have let slip a few lines, hinting at wishes of “give players more choice“so they can”enjoy the next generation without limits” independently “to install or uninstall your own games to make room for another“. From here to imagine a PS5 Pro which would fix the internal memory issue as soon as it is releasedthere is only one step!

A new Dualsense controller for PS5 Pro

The traitor Tom Henderson reveals it Sony is working on it a new DualSense “Pro” controller.. The latter, which currently bears the code name ” Hunting ”, Would be unveiled in the coming weeks by the company and would obviously be compatible with the normal PS5.

With removable analog sticks, this controller would also have buttons on the back and trigger locks for FPS-type video games. The new DualSense may also have new removable handles with a better grip, but this would be an option. Tom Henderson adds that the controller will look a lot like the one we already know.


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