Since 2011, Lightning or its school club have almost always been in the semifinals


After winning the last two Stanley Cups, the Lightning are looking to get the three peat against the avalanche. He is currently 2-0 in the series, after Colorado completely demolished Tampa Bay with a score of 7-0 last night.

Thus, the Lightning, winning the battle of Florida in four short games in the second round, qualified for the semi-finals for the third consecutive time. In fact, since 2011, 11 years ago, it was Tampa’s seventh appearance in the conference finals. Definitely crazy, right?

Ah yes, we can also add the fact that their school club, the Syracuse Crunch, has participated in a conference final on three occasions this same year.

It’s hard to find a stat that describes so much the good work the Lightning organization has done. Top management have done an outstanding job over the past decade and we have great proof of that by seeing the tweet above.

The only slight difference between Crunch and the big club is the fact that he hasn’t yet won the top honors since joining Syracuse in 2012.

In Laval, this year, we saw the Rocket participate in its first playoffs in history and the troops led by Jean-François Houle won over hockey fans in Quebec by going to the conference final.

The question to ask now is: will he be able to be consistent, year after year, making good seasons? If the Syracuse Crunch can do it … Why can’t the Rocket?

It all starts from the top and the Canadian’s new leadership seems to really care about his school club. Not for nothing Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton showed up in Laval for a playoff game recently …

Let’s see what the results will be in the coming seasons.

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– He’s really had a great year.

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– Interesting statistic, right?

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