Several members of the Canadian spend a good part of the summer in Montreal


Yesterday Jean-Sébastien Dea gave a cry from the heart saying that the Canadian should have more Quebecers in his lineup.

How come? Because the Quebecers are proud to play for the Montreal Canadiens and it’s hard to understand the reality of playing for the Canadiens without growing up here.

Basically, he is right. That said, when you play in the best league in the world, it’s not always easy to have mostly just local guys because the talent is diluted.

This complicates the process.

That said, what kids can do is immerse themselves in Quebec culture.

Nothing forces them to stay here during the summer (even returning to their part of the country is fine), but it’s still interesting to note that several Canadiens kids spend a good part of the summer in Quebec.

Chantal Machabée, on 91.9 Sports, confirmed that Logan Mailloux, the club’s polarizing hope, would spend several weeks here for his rehabilitation, him having undergone shoulder surgery.

But it is not the only one.

As Canada’s vice president of communications said, Alexander Romanov will spend part of his summer here. It is the same for the American Cole Caufield and for the ontars Nick Suzuki and Josh Anderson.

And, of course, there are also the Quebecs who will be in the city.

He says a guy like Anderson landed in Montreal in the midst of a pandemic and he hadn’t had a chance to explore the city. So he’s going to do it this summer and he’s loving his experience of him.

Several guys from CH therefore had the opportunity to meet Fernando Alonso on the sidelines of the Grand Prix to be held in Montreal this weekend.

If a few guys get to know each other better together over the summer, it can help build team spirit on the ice once it all starts over. Proof? Look at the CH results in the Toronto bubble in 2020 …

So that’s good news for the CH, all of this.

Lot of

– It takes lines like that to win the playoffs.

– Slowly but surely.

– Do we believe it or not?

– Pity.

– That would have been something.


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