Remote Life Review – A creepy post-apocalyptic shmup!


Who has noticed that shmups (or shooters) have come back into force in recent years? I don’t have to be the only one. Only in the last few months has there been talk of franchises and games that have come back to life such as Cotton Reboot !, Cotton 100% or Raiden V just to name a few. Otherwise, novelties like Horgihugh and Friends are born. But what interests us today, Remote Life, was born in 2019 on PC before recently seeing a console port. Attracted by his universe that looks like it came out of space hell, let’s see how it looks in our test.


  • Release date : May 27, 2022
  • Style : shoot him
  • ESRB / PEGI assessment : T / PEGI 16
  • Developer: Next level of play
  • Publisher: Ratalaika games
  • Operating language: Available in English, French subtitles
  • Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S
  • Tested on PS5
  • Price during the trial: € 23.99 / € 17.99
  • Official site
  • Version sent by the publisher

Defend your nation

Remote Life plunges us into the heat of the action pretty quickly. In fact, what does not shoot? Here we learn that we are being attacked by an extraterrestrial force and that we must defend our dear homeland. Well, we agree that we rarely play this type of scenario game, but we had to have a synopsis, right? Of course, you are the hero who is supposed to save us all by defeating the terrible villains. And believe me, these are really awful but in a good way. You will understand a little later.

The game is what we call double stick shooter, which means you use the left stick to move our ship and the right one to direct your shots. To bring out the best in you, your ship has three attack types that you can change at any time. And like any good shmup, you will find it strengthening on your way that will make your attacks even stronger. But other than that, we remain in the classic as we have seen hundreds of times. Let’s be honest, when you play a game like this, you want efficiency, not originality.

A screen full of details

It’s impossible to blame Remote Life for not showing us all the colors. First, the world you immerse yourself in is truly captivating. We immediately realize that we are in a science fiction universe, with its grayish and metallic colors taking over. So the number of enemies and details found on our screen is still impressive. However, enemy attacks are sometimes hard to see which is frustrating when you get hit for this kind of reason.

If I have a criticism of the number of elements on the screen is the excessive proportion of doors in the game, sometimes it becomes difficult to move due to a door that opens only after a while. Our leeway is therefore heavily influenced and leads to some frustration.

Techno-Alien Shmup

Great and crazy garments

Obviously, whoever says shmup, says gigantic bosses. Remote Life is no exception and also works very well in this regard. The design of these is really different from each other and very successful. They take up a lot of screen space for the vast majority of them and give us a hard time. I think that’s what’s required for any good shooter and a big thumbs up for success. Their attacks are also very varied but fair, which means we can defend ourselves without any problems. We never get the impression that the game is unfair at this level and that’s good.

Well, it goes without saying that the game is still difficult. As for me, I think it would be impossible for me to do it all at once without it keep on. But once a level is passed, it is possible to pick it up again if we ever have no more lives. It therefore becomes very possible to complete the game even for the amateur of the first hour.

Remote Life Launch Trailer

Verdict on life at a distance

Without reinventing the genre, the game remains a good shup, among the good ones on the market. If you are looking for a game of its kind in a futuristic universe, this game is for you. It is very different from many others where bright colors are omnipresent. However, the game isn’t without its flaws. Level design can be frustrating and even the enemy attacks virtually invisible. But the game is forgiving and allows you to move forward despite its difficulty. Must try if you are a fan of the genre.

Remote Life Review – A creepy post-apocalyptic shmup!

His post-apocalyptic universe

Truly unique and gigantic bosses

The fact that the game forgives despite its good difficulty

Enemy attacks are sometimes difficult to see

Level design can be frustrating

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