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Horror in video games will have a big year in 2023 with the arrival of several great titles including The Callisto Protocol, a new creation straight from the minds of the creators of Dead Space.

[Mis à jour le 29 juin 2022 à 18h54] Remember, it’s 2008 and a game is like a little bomb. It takes place in space, immerses us in claustrophobic environments and terrifies us with its grandiose soundtrack and unmistakable blood. Do you see what we are talking about? Created by Glen Schofield and his Visceral Games teams, Dead Space quickly entered the pantheon of the best horror video games of all time, before providing us with two more lackluster episodes that did nothing to detract from its early success. But why talk about Dead Space in an article dedicated to the Callisto Protocol? Good because Glen Schofield himself is taking care of this new project, supported by his new Striking Distance studio. And the famed creator intends to rely on his experience in survival horror games for this long-awaited future release, presented in detail for the first time at Summer Game Fest 2022. Let’s sum it all up about this next terrifying adventure.

A futuristic prison facility, inmates left to fend for themselves, really unpleasant monsters … The touch of Glen Schofield is felt in this trailer originally released in December 2020. It’s true that the veteran of the Dead Space series counts Shake up the game world horror with The Callisto Protocol, a future third-person survival-horror version. There are some elements that bring us back to 2008’s Dead Space: closed environments, unprecedented light works, a total lack of respect for human anatomy by monsters and tragic endings without misunderstandings for our protagonist.

After that trailer spotted on the sidelines of The Game Awards 2020 celebrations, we’ve all been patiently waiting for news of the Callisto Protocol for about 18 months. It was therefore on the occasion of the Summer Game Fest 2022 that the game was unveiled by a gameplay trailer that you can watch below. As for the scenario of this new creation, know that it had to be part of the PUBG universe. In fact, the title remains published by Krafton and was supposed to be part of an extension of the world of its Battle Royale star. A fact now out of date since The Callisto Protocol will be held in its universe. You will play Jacob, an inmate of the Black Iron prison on the desolate Moon Callipso. A terrifying third-person experience, blending combat and survival, all wrapped up in a unique and mysterious Glen Schofield-style storyline. In short, one of the most anticipated releases of 2022.

After a stunning appearance at Summer Game Fest 2022, which first showed us some gameplay sequences that are as horrifying as they are terrifying, The Callisto Protocol has also offered us a release date. The match is scheduled for December 2, 2022and will be released on all major current platforms. It will therefore be found in France on PC via Steam, on Playstation 5 and Playstation 4, but also on Xbox one and Xbox Series X | S. The game is already available for pre-order and offers three editions, the Standard Edition which includes the base game and some cosmetics, the Deluxe Edition with an additional Season Pass and the Collector’s Edition, which we present in some detail. lower .

We told you above, The Callisto Protocol offers three editions for purchase, including a collector’s edition. This edition includes the game, cosmetic items, a Season Pass but also various collectibles. Includes a Steelbook box, main protagonist Jacob figurine, physical game play and two collectible pins. In addition, the Collector’s Edition contains 48 hours of early access to the future DLC of the story, exclusively for Playstation players. You will find this version of the game soon.

Not to fool you: no, the Callisto Protocol will not have a cooperation mode when it is released. The game is designed for a single player only mode, a bias that serves more to the horror side of the title at the expense of the game for several, but an understandable choice by Glen Schofield. In fact, if we go back a few years, the third installment of Dead Space had offered a fully playable collaborative campaign, which, when well scripted, didn’t come close to its predecessors on the horror side. While co-op play is more fun and entertaining, it’s still less terrifying than a solo horror adventure.


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