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Despite being one of the oldest brands, Nokia continues to follow the current trend. Since its inception, the brand has not hesitated to fill the market with mobiles of different ranges. Mobile phones with various features are constantly being released, always with features not very similar to previous versions.

Credit: Nokia N73 5G 2022
Credit: Nokia

This is currently the case with the Nokia N73 5G 2022 phone that we are all looking forward to. As ergonomic as it is, its features are interesting and can attract the attention of different users. What should you know about this new design from Nokia?

Release date

The release date of the Nokia N73 5G 2022 phone is in dispute. It is possible that it will be on the market as early as next 29 August. However, this date is not yet certified, it is only an estimate. But the brand certifies that in any case this new model of the brand will be available by the end of the year 2022. A substantial revolution is therefore announced on the technology market because Nokia is planning enough novelties through this model.

memory capacity

To stand out on the market, the N73 will have a more or less competitive storage capacity. This is obvious because the smartphone will be able to store data up to 250GB. According to approximations, its internal memory is estimated to be over 500GB.

Furthermore, the device’s RAM is between 8 and 12 GB, which therefore assumes that it can handle a sufficient number of files and applications. No wonder Nokia announces that this model will be among the most powerful phones. To increase its functionality, the N73 will have to contain the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. Despite the latter, the Dimensity 9000 will be integrated into it. It is therefore a real way for Nokia to compete with powerful brands like Galaxy.

And the screen?

With its 6.9-inch touchscreen, the Nokia N73 5G 2022 is a mid-sized Android phone. In addition, it can contain more than 15 million colors. This then optimizes the user experience. Furthermore, this screen cannot be designed without a protective plate. The Corning Gorilla Glass 7 is therefore the model that suits him. Here’s how it can be super shock and weather resistant.

Being the result of a high-tech company, the N73 will feature a fluid and crystal clear touchscreen that will occupy the entire surface of the device. For your personal pleasure, you can choose between different colors. In addition, its refresh rate will be 120 HZ, which will give it remarkable sharpness.

How many colors are available for the Nokia N73 5G 2022?

In fact, this phone will be made in the colors black, champagne gold, rose gold and brown. The choice will therefore depend on your preferences and personal taste. The Nokia brand therefore tries to adapt to all types of users, including the most restrictive.

Inserting SIM cards

The Nokia N73 5G 2022 can hold up to two SIM cards. The insertion slot will be on the side of the device. The device is made to open easily to make insertion more flexible. However, you will need to remove the large plate from the card before inserting it.

It will also be no exception for technology. In the new Nokia N73 it is possible to insert GSM cards or cards corresponding to one of the 3G, HSPA or 5G technologies. This is proof that Nokia really intends to force the revival of competition in the market. With all these specs, it goes without saying that the N73 5G 2022 will be a rugged and good-looking phone.

Battery capacity

Although the phone is not yet available, we can already talk about its battery capacity. In general, the Nokia brand produces large, robust batteries. Apparently, we should still expect this type of module for that of the Nokia N73 5G 2022.

Its battery will have a capacity of 7200 mAh. Likewise, it will not be removable and can support a load of up to 33 W. You can already try to estimate the size of this battery and that of the laptop in question. But one thing remains certain, when the phone comes out it will all be revealed.

The camera system

The camera system of the Nokia N73 5G 2022 is even more efficient than the other models designed by the brand. We would have suspected this as it has 4 cameras on the back with different capacities. The first of 108 Mega Pixels is the largest. There are three other 32, 16 and 5 Mega Pixels respectively. This is more than enough for fun photo shoots.

In addition, for selfies, a 64 Mega Pixel front camera will be made available. Thanks to its ability, you will be able to take sharp and clear photos.

Existence of a protective case

It is not yet known exactly if there will be a specific protective case for the Nokia N73 5G 2022. However, you can expect these additional accessories because the phone will be equipped with everything you need. It should be noted that the back of the device is not fragile. It is made of plastic and cannot be directly damaged in the event of a collision.

The port of loading

As you should already understand, the Nokia N73 5G 2022 will use an Android charger. It will therefore contain a suitable charging port for this model. Its ergonomic charger is designed to fit on the connection end. To this end, the connection will be much easier for all users.

Price of the N73

It is common to wonder how much this mobile will cost in terms of features. Indeed, the price of the Nokia N73 5G 2022 is currently estimated at 600 euros. However, the latter would not be exaggerated if we consider the different features that the device will be equipped with. However, it should be acknowledged that Nokia has not yet given concrete confirmation. The cost of the device could therefore fall below the estimated amount.



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