Reach insane speeds anywhere in your home with these sixth mesh WiFi hotspots


Take your Internet connection to another level in every room of your home with TP-LINK’s Deco XE75 terminals. It is a type of router: mesh network that allows you to have super fast internet through Wi-Fi 6e technology and a brand new 6GHz frequency. Ideal for downloading, playing or viewing content at breakneck speed on compatible devices.

We are in a world where we have more and more devices that require an Internet connection. This can clutter and saturate our home network if we are not properly equipped. What frustrates us, for example, when we try to watch video content and “delays”.

This is all the more true if we have a large, multi-story house with a large courtyard. The problem is compounded if our internet provider’s router is in the wrong place and cannot be moved.

It therefore becomes interesting to use a mesh system that offers multiple terminals to extend the coverage of our network to the maximum.

The TP-LINK company has been offering such a system for several years through its Deco terminals. This is what we use in our offices on and this is what I personally have at home.

Only here, with the Deco XE75, TP-Link introduces compatibility with Wi-Fi 6e and 6GHz frequency.

Greater Wi-Fi coverage and new frequency

The advantage of opting for a mesh network like with TP-Link’s Deco is that the terminals behave like chains. The signal of our Wi-Fi network is then increased tenfold throughout the house so that we do not have rooms where the network is weaker than in another.

The novelty of the Deco XE75 terminals is that they offer us 3 distinct frequencies to better organize the distribution of your different devices.

TP-Link Deco XE75 6Ghz boron

Deco XE75 terminals offer 6Ghz frequency thanks to the Wi-Fi 6e standard.

We have the classic network that uses the 2.4Ghz frequency. This maximizes the stability and reach of the network. Ideal for connecting our home automation devices especially for smart homes.

So, we have a 5GHz frequency network. This frequency offers a shorter range, but gives us more speed and is perfect for services such as viewing content in “streaming” or by online gamers.

Finally, TP-Link is now introducing a third frequency through its Deco XE75. This is 6GHz powered by the Wi-Fi 6e standard

Basically, it offers even more bandwidth and allows you to get faster download speeds.

Super fast download speeds

To take advantage of these download speeds, however, you need to be equipped accordingly. That is to say, you must have the newest of the latest phones, tablets or computers on the market and see if it is compatible with Wi-Fi 6e.

As part of our testing, we were able to test it with the Pixel 6 Pro which is compatible with this Wi-Fi standard.

The find? It is amazing to see how fast we reach the maximum speed of our Internet package. In the space of just 1 second, we hit over 400Mbps.

Deco XE75 Wi-Fi 6e

Be it streaming, gaming, virtual reality, Wi-Fi 6e delivers insane download speeds.

Again, remember that you must have a high-speed Internet package to take full advantage of these terminals. If we have a plan, let’s say 50 Mbit / s, well, these terminals won’t give us more speed.

The Deco XE75 can also support speeds of up to 5400Mbps. That’s great, except for the problem that no internet provider in Quebec offers this kind of speed as of this writing. At most we can have 3000Mbps.

In short, these terminals are therefore aimed at those who have compatible devices, an impressive internet package or those who want to be at the forefront and prepare for the next few years.

A quick setup of our internet network

Besides the increased coverage and crazy speeds that TP-LINK’s Deco XE75 give us, what’s nice is that they are very easy to install and set up.

This is no joke, TP-Link literally takes us by the hand through the compatible mobile application on Android and iOS devices.

We connect one of the terminals to our modem, then follow the steps in the application. And yes, the explanations are in French! In the space of 5-10 minutes, the trick is done.

Deco mobile app setup

The configuration of the Deco XE75 terminals is done via the TP-Link Deco mobile application for Android and iOS.

Integrated Parental Control and Antivirus

Like all TP-Link routers, there is parental control and antivirus again on the Deco XE75.

Even via the mobile application, it is therefore possible to determine the priority of devices, the hours of use and interrupt access to the Internet for a device at any time.

Which causes some crying by cutting the online part of our children because it’s too late!

Finally, the antivirus can scan and block intrusion attempts and identify malicious sites and files that are about to open.

Deco XE75: a good buy?

We shouldn’t make allusions, TP-Link’s Deco XE75 mesh network terminals have several qualities that make it a great product.

Excellent coverage for an equal network throughout the home. Super fast download speed. Easy to install. Parental control and integrated antivirus. It is all really appreciated.

It’s just that you need to have compatible devices and a fast internet speed to take full advantage of it.

If not again, it is more in the idea of ​​being ahead of the times and ready for the time being when we will be equipped accordingly.

If this is not the case, there are other Deco terminals from TP-Link adapted to the different network speeds we may have.

However, if it’s really the Deco XE75s we’re interested in, we’ll have to untie the purse strings as a 2-terminal kit starts at $ 429.

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