Rafaël Harvey-Pinard wants to play Montreal full-time next year


Rafaël Harvey-Pinard has just finished his second professional year and is already looking forward to the next one. He also continues to set the bar higher and higher. Next year, he wants to play full time with the Montreal Canadiens.

This is what he said during the Laval Rocket end-of-season report.

“I haven’t thought about much other than the playoffs lately, but I sure know what I want next year. I want to make my place in Montreal. This will be my goal and I will work very hard this summer to achieve it. – Rafaël Harvey-Pinard during the Rocket end-of-season review

However, we should expect such a response. Especially since the young striker has a heart in his stomach like few others.

With a total of 56 points in 69 AHL regular season games, Canadiens shouldn’t hesitate to give him the chance to infiltrate the starting line-up in 2022-23. His biggest challenge this season has been managing his energy. 23-year-old Jonquiérois only played 36 games for Laval last year. This year, if we add the 69 games of the regular season, the 15 games of the playoffs and the 4 substitute games with the Canadiens, we get 88 games. It’s huge for a full professional first season.

Despite the large number of games played, Harvey-Pinard remained consistent, apart from a few negative streaks in which he did not score, but still made his mark without a puck.

The best way to integrate in Montreal will be to imitate what he does in Laval. It was a favorite in the hockey room. In the Rocket end-of-season report, he was unanimous among his teammates: he’s a smiling player, he perseveres like crazy, he likes to play hockey and his work ethic is beyond reproach.

In Montreal, the crowd loves persevering players and this same crowd can energize Rafaël Harvey-Pinard or even convince coaches and managers to keep him with the big club. Honestly, with such great performances this year, it would be extremely surprising not to see him at least in fourth line in Montreal next season.

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