QMJHL: Nathan Gaucher is increasingly feverish as the draft approaches


The excitement builds every day for Nathan Gaucher, who is the top potential QMJHL client who will head to the NHL Draft on July 7 in Montreal.

As part of the week of hopes at Antechamber, Andrée-Anne Barbeau received Quebec striker Remparts.

“I try not to count the days, because you pass more quickly, but I can’t wait, that’s for sure”, confides on the 16th.And North American prospectus on the NHL prospect list.

Obviously, Gaucher dreams of being the first Quebecer to be enlisted in front of his family and friends in the Bell Center.

“Yes, it would be a great pride. It would be a very nice honor, but I wish everyone to be drafted, “said Gaucher.

Due to the Remparts ‘long run in the QMJHL playoffs, Gaucher was unable to make it to the Prospects’ Evaluation Camp (NHL Combine), but doesn’t see it as a disadvantage.

The striker has had several conversations with NHL organizations in the past few weeks. Gaucher said he argued with the Montreal Canadiens in January, but he hasn’t spoken to the Montreal organization since. This does not prevent him from dreaming of being drafted by the Montreal team.

“That would be really amazing, especially since he’s in Montreal. With everyone who is there. The Bell Center will be full. It would be a good time, but I have no expectations. “

In a pivotal year for his development and the rest of his career, Gaucher took the time to leverage each of his experiences, be it with the Remparts, at the U23 game in early winter, with the NHL teams he has met or whenever he could learn from his coach Patrick Roy.

“It has been a very enjoyable year. We meet several NHL organizations, discover their culture. It’s a nice taste of the NHL. … I’ll remember that later and say to myself ‘My God, it was fun’ ”, exults the man who has collected 57 points, including 31 goals, in 66 QMJHL games this season.

An imposing player, Gaucher compares favorably with some of the excellent players on the Bettman circuit.

“I like to confront an Anze Kopitar or a player like Chris Kreider, confides the 18-year-old athlete. They are players who have a good sense of hockey. Kopitar is good at engagements, in both directions of the track. Kreider, has the skills to finish games and skate at high speed. “

The Longueuil native is also aware that he can improve certain aspects of his game to quickly make the leap to the pros.

“I’m still 110%. I have to relax a little, be patient with the puck, play the extra game in the offensive zone. It’s something I talked a lot about with Patrick Roy. He opened my eyes. He is sure that I will improve at this level.

Speaking of Roy, Gaucher doesn’t know if his manager will return behind the bench for the Remparts next season, but one thing is for sure, the striker has learned valuable lessons from the former Canadiens legend over the past three seasons. .


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