Promote your Shopify store with Facebook Ads


Large and small brands choose the platform Shopify in order to unify all their trade in one order dashboard. Merchants can leverage online store customization to track sales across a variety of channels (web, social networks, physical stores and pop-up stores). A store Shopify can leverage Facebook ads to reach ideal customers.

Use Facebook Ads to promote a shop Shopify

Promote your Shopify store with Facebook ads

Better promotion of your store Shopify it is usually the key to driving traffic, increasing sales, and maximizing ROI. You can find your ideal customers through an advertising tool that identifies their tastes, interests and behaviors.

This helps you easily improve your ad groups to reach the large individual audience that is most likely to convert on your site. Shopify.

Facebook Ads are the go-to advertising source for small businesses just starting their sites Shopify. Plus, it’s for established brands who want to launch campaigns macro and microphone targeted.

Anyone can grow their business with Facebook Ads. But learn better the basics of the platform and the best ways to follow it through the dashboard Shopify and that of Facebook ads.

Good reasons to advertise on Facebook

For your shop Shopifythe use of Facebook ads offers numerous advantages:

Why post ads on Facebook
source: Ubiflow

Generate traffic

Facebook claims to have over 3 billion active users every month. And these users spend more time on Facebook than on other social media. The information combined from these accounts is used in the ad targeting algorithms.

Additionally, Facebook has Messenger and Instagram, two other apps that Facebook advertisers can use from its advertising platform. It’s some interactive active traffic that you can drive to your online store.

Target people based on demographics, behaviors and interests

Facebook is a place to share news, share unique discoveries, post photos, or even share your romantic situation.

All your Facebook activities and connections flow into a single user profile that advertisers can take advantage of with targeted ads.

Facebook advertisers can use a variety of interests, from characteristics, behaviors to create target audiences.

Increase brand awareness

Brands use their Facebook page to interfere with their customers and followers on social media. So when you accept Facebook ads, you have the option to view them from your brand page. This increases brand exposure and expands your community on the platform.

The different Facebook advertising formats

The return on your Facebook advertising investment depends in part on your ability to successfully display effective ad types.

Creating an effective ad can be difficult for beginners due to the many options available. To help you, find out the five ad formats to consider.

Image ads

Single image ad is the common format most users are used to seeing when scrolling. This format makes it easier for you to highlight your products and offers. Image ads are especially useful when you have a product or offer to promote on a fixed budget.

Ads video

Video ads allow you to present your brand tone and products to your audience at the same time.

These ads can be created in Facebook Ads Manager, but can also be chosen to appear on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

To attract a large, engaged audience, videos of 15 seconds or less are the most effective.

They should also include a clear call to action at the end of the video, such as visiting a site website or the purchase of a product.

Ads carousel

You can include multiple videos and images scrolling in a single ad when creating a carousel ad.

If you show several products, you can link each product to the corresponding page. The user can scroll the displayed image in both directions.

Carousel ads are the best ways to display different products, announce new partnerships, showcase a single product in different situations, or offer tutorials.

Ad collection

Collection advertising is a full-screen advertising experience.

Display cover videos or images to let people browse and buy your products.

Gallery ads show a full catalog of products and make shopping easy for engaged users.

These ads may appear on Facebook News Power supplyInstagram Power supply or Instagram Stories.

Conversion tracking in Facebook Business Manager

To track the performance of a specific ad, log into your Facebook account Ads Manager and choose the campaign you want to view. Once you’ve chosen a campaign, you can access the statistics available for a specific ad group or ad. customize display using the Columns menu and selecting the parameters to be analyzed.

Conversion tracking Shopify

When you log into your shop Shopifyyou can access the Marketing field. This will give you sales and traffic broken down by marketing source.
Next, you can see how effective your Facebook advertising efforts are by seeing which sources are guiding you the most.

Metric Shopify and Facebook should be reviewed and compared to ensure that the metrics paint the same picture. Likewise, it needs to be made clear that the two systems update at different times, so slight discrepancies are common.

Steps to create and show ads on Facebook

  1. Set up your business account Manager
  2. Install the pixel Facebook
  3. Configure your Facebook pixel in Shopify
  4. Generate audience Facebook
  5. Set up an advertising campaign on Facebook
  6. Configure your first set of advertising
  7. Choose yours Contents
  8. Enhance your campaigns Facebook


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