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Telegram has just rolled out a paid subscription in a Premium plan with special features for heavy users. Don’t panic for others: the classic version of messaging remains free.

We finally know the advantages and the price of Telegram Premium, the paid formula that instant messaging has just put in place. A few days ago, Pavel Durov, Telegram boss, explained in a long tweet that the company had to change its economic model to cope with the competition from other messaging services (WhatsApp, Messenger, Signal, etc.) and satisfy the growing needs of major users of the application. Now it’s done.

Yet Telegram, the instant messaging rival of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Signal and many others, has always been free. Renowned for its high level of encryption – and therefore security in terms of user data confidentiality, although some experts have reservations about it – it has seen its download count increase every time WhatsApp crashes or fails. a dispute relating to breaches of security or changes to the conditions of use that modify the use of personal data. Launched in 2013, the application created by Russian developers currently has over 460 million weekly active users worldwide, with an increase in downloads since the start of the war in Ukraine.

But with the increase in the number of users, which leads to increased operating costs (servers, bandwidth, etc.), and the need to constantly add new features to cope with the competition, Pavel Durov had to admit that the business of template app was no longer sustainable. The company has long been exploring new monetization techniques. In particular, he experimented with the insertion of advertisements in public channels, taking care to respect the privacy of users: these advertisements do not concern private channels and do not track users. But the idea of ​​making it the heart of the application’s business model was finally discarded, and a new solution was found: the paid subscription.

Telegram Premium: more functions for 5.49 euro per month

In a long message posted on Telegram on June 10, Pavel Durov explained that many Telegram users were calling for the lifting of limits on chats and the sending of images or videos. Unfortunately, it was not possible to respond free of charge to this request as it would lead to a significant increase in operating costs. To meet these demands, the company has therefore found a solution: the paid subscription, called Telegram Premium. For the director of Telegram, it’s a way to bring Telegram monetization back to users, which adding ads to group conversations doesn’t, as the people behind the ads have their own interests. .

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On its blog, Telegram unveiled the entire list of advantages of its new formula this Tuesday, June 21st:

  • No advertising.
  • The sent files can now reach 4 GB and can be downloaded by all interlocutors.
  • Faster download speed stored in the cloud.
  • Doubling of application limits (number of channels followed, saved GIFs, pinned threads, public links, favorite stickers, etc.).
  • Space to write your bio and caption the dubbed images, with link insertion.
  • Text transcription of voice messages.
  • Special adhesives and reactions.
  • Premium app icon and badge.
  • Animated profile pictures.
  • New management of discussion channels and thematic files (archiving, cutting of chats, etc.).
Some advantages of Telegram Premium © Telegram

The Premium subscription is available from today at a price of 5.49 euros per month in France. Do not panic however, the implementation of this formula does not mean that Telegram becomes paid for all users. Telegram Premium is a “pro” version of the application, which allows access to more functions. The idea is therefore to leave the application as it is – free -, but at the same time to comply with user requests by adding new paid options. Pavel Durov promised that “tAll existing features will remain free and other free features will be added later“In this way, users who do not want to pay for a Telegram Premium account will not be excluded. The company has also added new features, accessible for free for all, in its latest update: application for membership for public groups, verification badges in the exchanges, better bots, improved exchanges, auto-save in Android gallery, improved external sharing, creation of animated profile pictures on Mac and fixes and optimizations. In this way, Telegram is implementing a policy similar to that of TikTok while maintaining what the its essence and its charm.


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