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Which member of the Canadian team at the Tokyo Olympics is the most followed on Instagram?

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Simone Drouin

Simone Drouin
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Hint: it’s not Penny Oleksiak (142,000 subscribers). Nor André De Grasse (373,000). Neither Félix Auger-Aliassime (460,000) nor Leylah Annie Fernandez (333,000).

Rather, it is Alysha Newman, a pole vault specialist who experienced a disappointment in the Japanese capital. The London-based athlete jumped all three tries at 4.25m before bursting into tears in front of the CBC camera.

Two years earlier, the Canadian record holder (4.82m) had finished fifth at the World Championships in one of the toughest finals in women’s pole vault history.

After the year ruined by the pandemic, Newman suffered a concussion a few months before the Olympic Games were postponed to 2021. During the entire season outdoors, he only crossed one barrier, at 4.31m.


Alisha Newman

“I can truly say that I have returned from hell this year,” she wrote before the start of her second Olympics on her Instagram account, followed by 607,000 people today.

Disturbing images

During the telecast of his ordeal, CBC analyst Michael Smith wondered if Newman was focusing on the right things in an Olympic year. Obviously the former decathlete was referring to his activities off the lawn.

The previous year, along with three other world-class athletes, Newman had participated in a social media advertising campaign. The Commonwealth Games gold medalist appeared there in lingerie on a competition field, pole in hand.

“As a woman and athlete, I have broken down barriers throughout my life and for this campaign […] allowed me to show another side of the beauty of being a woman! “, She wrote on Instagram.

Her Olympic teammate Sage Watson reacted on the same platform two days later, saying she was “heartbroken” for this campaign that “enlarged women’s buttocks and breasts as they exercised.” The 400m hurdles specialist added that she was “sexually harassed for months” after a camera focused on her buttocks after the 400m hurdles semifinal in Rio.

In an article published a year later on the Toronto starNewman explained that he did not feel “comfortable [son] body “early in her career.” There’s a lot more aura and light around me because I’m learning to love my body, “the Marylin Monroe fan told the Toronto newspaper.


Alysha Newman has over 600,000 followers on Instagram.

After his failure in Tokyo, it took Newman six months before he could return to training. “At some point, I forgot the names of the animals,” he confided last Sunday during his visit to the Montreal Athletics Classic. “I had to relearn those names and now wear colored contact lenses. I have everything that helps me get back to normal. I’m starting to feel myself again. ”

On the recommendation of his doctor, Newman resumed training in the heptathlon. She believes this new discipline will bring her back to her best pole vault level. ” [son] bread and [son] Butter “.

On May 21, in a shortened seven-step approach, Newman passed 4.61m, a first substantial 13-month bar for the 16 bar.And ranking in the rankings of all time.

The Montreal competition did not go as he wished. After a first serve at 4.35m, he threw in the towel on his three attempts at 4.50m. His goal was to exceed 4.70m, the standard for the Eugene World Championships. She regretted the long delay before the start of her event, which officials wanted to “remove [ses] signs “on the ground and the modest audience too quiet for his liking.

“I felt like people were just relaxed,” he said as he waited for his Uber car to rush to the airport. “I wanted a little more energy for today and I didn’t get it. ”


Alisha Newman

Building a brand

Newman answered a few questions about his exceptional social media appeal.

“I know some athletes don’t want to do it, others do. It’s important for me to build a brand because I want more for my life after athletics. “

Athletics is a very important step in my life. I want to open doors to help people. If I have a brand, I can help the community, increase my income to eventually build infrastructure and do other things for other people.

Alisha Newman

The 27-year-old doesn’t consider herself “much of an influencer.” “It’s not like I write to it every day and write: you should buy this or eat that or do that. I see myself more as a motivator. I want people to feel like they can do whatever they want. ”

Recently, he still ran an ad promoting a sports betting site.

Newman says he doesn’t pay attention to criticism. His off-piste activities are not harmful to his sport, he insists, but rather complement him.

“However, this makes me a more fulfilled person. […] I have fashion and modeling that allow me to express my personality and my sexuality. ”


Alisha Newman

The pole vault sees herself more as a “business woman”. “I bought my name, I own my name. It’s a bargain and I’m claiming taxes in my name! It’s a very entrepreneurial thing. I hope someday it gets bigger. ”

Alysha Newman also has a OnlyFans page, a paid content social network. The cost of the monthly subscription for Ontario is $ 19.99. She said she mainly sells training and nutrition plans there. “It allows me to communicate directly with my supporters. ”

His page also appears to offer overtly “sexy” content. The subject is sensitive for the principal interested. “Destabilized” to be interviewed on OnlyFans, Newman wanted to end the interview and withdrew all of her comments. “I no longer manage my page, a company takes care of it,” she said without giving further details.

Alysha Newman explained that she was portrayed negatively by the media. She only trusts a reporter from Toronto. She suggested contacting her agents and pointed out that she had not been informed that she would be interviewed during her stay in Montreal.

“I have far more subscribers than they do,” he concluded, speaking of the journalists he considers negative. “I do my commercial here,” she added, showing her phone. The story doesn’t say if she checked her Instagram page on her way to the airport.

On Wednesday night, Newman crossed 4.70m in a meeting in Guelph, setting the standard for Eugene who sees him finish third in the world this year. “I’m ready to come back with the best in the world,” she announced on his Instagram page.

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