Poetry, essay, philosophy … The French Academy awards 64 awards


Winners of the year 2022

Grand Prix

Francophonie Grand Prix

Trinh Xuan Thuan (United States)

Grand Medal of the Francophonie

French newspaper The East – The day (Lebanon)

Paul Morand Literature Award

Eric Neuhoff, for all his work

Grand Prix of Literature Henri Gal

Prize of the Institut de France: Jean-Loup Trasard, for all his work

Jacques de Fouchier Award

Raphael Gaillard, for A blow to the head

Maurice Genevoix French Academy Award

Louis-Henri de La Rochefoucauld, for Sandcastle

Grand Prix Hervé Deluen

Anna Moi

Leon de Rosen Award

Eric Fortino, for Mohican

Grand Prix of Poetry

Jean-Pierre Siméon, for all his poetic work

Grand Prix of Philosophy

Anca Vasiliu, for all her work

Imbecile Grand Prix

Sandra Laugier, for all her philosophical work

Gobert Grand Prix

Maurice Vaisse, for The putsch of Algiers and all his work

Biography Award

Francois Angelier, for Giorgio Bernano. Anger and grace

Critics Award

Sylvain Menant, for Voltaire and his reader. Essay on literary seduction and all his critical works

Trial price

Henriette Michaud, per Freud in Bloomsbury

Cardinal Lustiger Award

RP Michel Corbin, sj, for all his work, after the publication of Easter reading of the divine names according to Dionysius the Areopagite

News Award

Uli Wittmann, for The white crocodile and other coincidences

Academy Award

Philippe Descola, for The forms of the visible. An anthropology of the figurative and all his work

Patrick Reumaux, for all his work and his work as a translator

Stéphane Guégan, for Curd. painter of extremes

Florence Trocmé, for her website Poezibao

Theater Award

Jean-François Sivadier, for all his dramatic work

Béatrix Dussane-André Roussin Award for young theater

Patrick Haudecoeur, for all his dramatic works

René Clair Award for cinema

Arnaud Desplechin, for all his film work

Grand Medal for the French Song

Jacques Dutronc, for all his songs

Award for the influence of French language and literature

Osvalde Lewat, Franco-Cameroonian author who recently published The Aquarius ;

Charles Xuereb, Maltese historian, commentator on French cultural and political life in Malta;

Jennifer Montagu, English art historian, specialist in the work of Charles Le Brun and in the art of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries;

Denis Vaugeois, Quebec historian and publisher, who is in particular at the origin of a planning and development plan for Quebec public libraries;

Frantz Voltaire, Haitian historian, custodian and popularizer of Haitian and Caribbean culture in Canada and America

Poetry Award

Theophilus Gautier Prize

Sandra Moussempes, for Cassandra at close range

Heredia Award

John of America, for Rhapsody Red

Francois Coppee Award

Pascale Bouhenic, for 76 ways to enter

Paul Verlaine Award

Yvon Le Men, for The bay window And Up to the sky

Henri Mondor Award

Annick Ettlin, for Poetics of the will to believe. Rimbaud, Mallarmé, Valery

Literature and Philosophy Award

Montione Award

Neil MacGregor, for For a new world, new museums. Museums, monuments and communities reinvented

La Bruyère Prize

Philippe Grossos, for From the depths of our caves. Prehistory – Art – Philosophy

Jules Janin Award

Christian Garcin and Thierry Gillyboeuf, for their translation of Melville’s complete stories

Emile Augier Award

Jean-Benoît Patricot, for Trip to Zurich

Emile Faguet Award

Matilde Brezet, for The great world of Proust. In search of the dictionary of the characters of lost time

Louis Barthou Award

Sylvain Fort, for Odysseus. Five Homeric women

Anna de Noailles Award

Isabelle Dangy, for The Nudes of Hersanghem

Francois Mauriac Award

Olivier Hercend, for Zita

Georges Dumézil Prize

Pierre Vesperini, for his edition of Theocritus, the magicians and other idylls

Roland de Jouvenel Award

Lyane Guillaume, for I, Tamara Karsavina

Biguet Award

Claude Habib, for The trans question

Eve Delacroix Award

Brigitte Adès, for The voices of the forest

Jacques Lacroix Award

Luc Passera, for Insects, king of adaptation

Raymond de Boyer de Sainte-Suzanne Award

Emanuele Cattin, for The coming of the truth. The phenomenology of the spirit according to Jean

History Award

Guizot Award

Christian Baechler, for The betrayal of the German elites. Essay on the role of the cultural bourgeoisie (1770-1945)

Jean-Pierre Langellier, for Leopold Sedar Senghor

Their price

Vial Charles-Eloi, for Napoleon and the Libraries. Books and power under the First Empire

Eugenio Colas Award

Jérémie Gallon, for Henry Kissinger. The European

Pauline Valade, for The taste of joy. Monarchical exhibitions and public rejoicing in 18th century Paris

Eugenio Lifetime Achievement Award

Jean-Pierre Cuzin, for Tower

Louis Castex Award

Paul Salmona, for Archeology of Judaism in France

Monsignor Marcel Award

Benedicte Boudou, for The private sphere in the Renaissance

Ludovic Balavoine, for Jan Van Eyck. “Als ich can”

Diane Potier-Boès Award

Etienne Jouhaud, for The experience of the Levant in the autumn of the Renaissance. The “Journey to Constantinople”

Francois Millepierres Award

Christophe Dickes, for Saint Peter. The mystery and the evidence

Augustin Thierry Award

Xavier Hélary, for Rise and fall of Pierre de La Broce, chamberlain to the king († 1278). Study of royal power in the time of St. Louis and Philip III

Support award for literary creation

Henri de Regnier Award

Dominique Charnay, after Queneau and his dog live

Friendly price

Girolamo Attal, after The era of selfish love

Mottarti Award

Salome Baudino, after The broken heart syndrome

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Photograph: David Meenagh, CC BY-NC 2.0


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