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Oddly enough, he died a few days before Father’s Day in 2016, but Gordie Howe will have achieved what no other dad in history has achieved. Not with one, but with his two sons, Mark and Marty, Gordie Howe has played in both the World Association and the National League, a true and unique daddy feat.

He had played 25 years in Detroit before a well-deserved retirement that was thought to be final, but two years later he stunned everyone when he announced what appeared to be a publicity stunt. He showed how he was an exceptional and extraordinary hockey player.

In Quebec, because we adored Maurice Richard and Jean Béliveau, we tended not to recognize the dominance of Gordie, a talented and very strong, robust man who played with an exaggeratedly short club, but also surprisingly with Top. Gordie Howe, over 2,000 points and four Stanley Cups, broke his jaw and didn’t back down from anyone.

Also, in his first ever National League game, he was against Toronto, scored a goal, picked up an assist and fought twice. The story goes that in his first match against the Canadiens at the Forum, he “froze” Maurice Richard with one punch.


However, in the summer of 1973, after two years of inactivity, Gordie Howe announced that he would return to play for WHA’s Houston Eros. A million dollar contract for 5 years and the bombshell is that he will play with his two sons, Mark and Marty, two signed defenders for 600 thousand dollars each, same duration of the contract.

It looked like a real one joke, but it won’t be. Gordie made that comeback at the age of 45 and, imagine, had a 100-point season as well as being recognized as the league’s most valuable player, receiving the Gary Davidson Trophy. And his son Mark will be elected rookie of the year.

We told ourselves that the WHA was less powerful than the National League and that the Howes could not repeat the feat in the old circuit, the NHL.

Six years later, the three Howes sided this time with the Hartford Whalers in their first season in the National League.

Then 51, Papa Gordie had a season of 15 goals, 26 assists and then 41 points in 80 games, and still had gas in his elbows. Sonny Mark had then begun to prove that he would be the best defender in the league. He had a 16-year career in the NHL and, as a dad, was inducted into the Hall of Fame after completing his career with the Detroit Red Wings, where his father had started 49 years earlier.

Marty, a defender like his brother, hasn’t played 200 games in the National League and, some will recall, was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in 1974, with whom he never played.

Gordie Howe, a single hockey dad, right? Happy Father’s Day!

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  • Inevitably, the number of bike rides will certainly increase in his new life. Cheerfulness, Pierre Bruneaufor these 50 years of important communications, and I still wish you many kilometers on the track.
  • Marcel Bonin he’s 90 and surprisingly attentive on the internet. Marcel plays and searches a bank of 18,000 photos. Phenomenal, this man who played in particular with Gordie Howe, Jean Béliveau and Maurice Richard in the 1950s.
  • Back from a trip to Mexico, Domenico Ducharme he is gradually recovering from the savage sacking he suffered with the Canadiens. What a solid man and he will recover, coach at heart.
  • Lucien Deblois, come back from Europe. “Lu” played 1000 professional games. A total of 993 in the NHL and 7 in New Haven, in the American League.
  • Extremely rare, Corey Perry makes his third consecutive appearance in the Stanley Cup final, each time with a different team: Dallas, Montreal last year and now Tampa Bay.
  • A glue for you. Against which team Tim Raines has passed its 800 markAnd steal a career goal? He was against the Expo. It is that Tim, in 1998, then returned with the New York Yankees.
  • During the series of the century in 1972, Serge Savard he was wearing the number 23 jersey. It was Jean Ratelle who had the number 18. Guy Lapointe was the number 25 because Brad Park had chosen the number 5. Seniority required.
  • Did you know that Vic Howe, Gordie’s brother, played 33 NHL games with the New York Rangers in the 1950s? Total of 3 goals.
  • Louis-Alexandre Pitre, professional head of the Pinegrove club, welcomed the guests of the tournament of the Fondation de l’Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne with great class, which raised a whopping 300,000 dollars. What a beautiful day under the honorary presidency of Ron Fournier!
  • the 42And omnium André Chalut donated $ 73,000 to the Oncology Department of the Hôpital de Joliette. Bravo, Alain and Alexandre (son and grandson), year after year!
  • Refurbishment of the Saint-Jean-de-Matha Golf Club. We just invested 1.3 million and that’s not all, says the owner True Salvas.


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