Photoshop will soon be free for everyone on the web


Adobe will offer Photoshop for free to all Internet users. The web version will allow you to use the basic functionality of the software without a license.

Adobe Photoshop, the popular image editing software launched in 1990, will soon be available for free to all Internet users. To attract more users, the American company plans to open the web version to all Adobe account holders. Keep in mind that opening an account is free and only takes a few minutes.

“We want to make Photoshop more accessible and easier to allow more people to try and try the product.”says Maria Yap, Adobe’s vice president of digital imaging. She adds: “I want to see Photoshop meet users where they are now. You don’t need a high-end machine to run Photoshop “.

A “freemium” strategy.

Unsurprisingly, not all features of the desktop versions of Photoshop will be available in the free version. The publisher of the software, however, ensures this the basic features of Photoshop will be available for free. Adobe explains that it is based on a strategy freemio As part of this approach, users of the free version will have access to some of the software’s features. On the other hand, some more sophisticated options will be paid for. To take advantage of this, users will be asked to invest in a license.

For the record, the publisher has launched the web version of Photoshop in October 2021. This release initially focused on online collaboration. In particular, it was possible to share the creations through a simple link. To do the retouching, it was necessary to start working on the desktop version before exporting it. This is no longer the case. You can make compositions from A to Z if you have an Adobe license.

Because the web version of Photoshop will soon be free

With this strategy, Adobe hopes attract new users. By offering some of the Photoshop options on the web, the publisher wants to show an overview of the software’s possibilities. Adobe hopes that Internet users who have enjoyed the web version decide to invest in a license, which will allow for more complete access to Photoshop. Likewise, the company has launched an iPad version and smartphone versions, such as Photoshop Express.

With this change of strategy, the publisher responds the emergence of free alternatives from Photoshop. In recent years these solutions have in fact multiplied on the web. These include Canva, Gimp and Pixlr.

Adobe is currently testing the free web version of Photoshop on Canada. To edit and compose online, go to a browser and log in with an Adobe account. At present, it is not known when the free version of Photoshop will be offered in the rest of the world.


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