PC screens designed … for PlayStation 5


Here are the first Sony monitors. Designed for gaming, they are particularly suitable for PC games, but also for PS5.

Sony M9 // Source: Sony

Sony appears to have expansion plans in the field of PC games. This June 28, the brand known – among others – for its gaming consoles arrives in game PC accessories with a completely new range of headphones and dual monitors, Sony Inzone M9 and M3. Their particularity? Features designed for PS5.

Full HD and 4K

While PC gamers tend to look for 1440p 144Hz screens, Sony announces two 27-inch screens that use the definitions offered by the PlayStation 5. Thus, the Inzone M9 displays 4K at 144Hz, while the Inzone M3 handles Full HD. up to 240Hz, both via HDMI 2.1 (x2), DisplayPort 1.4 (x1) or USB-C (x1) connectivity. We obviously find VRR to avoid tearing (via Nvidia G-Sync on PC).

These are Full Array backlit IPS panels, with a response time of just 1ms (gray to gray). Both are HDR compatible (HDR10 and HLG), with DisplayHDR400 certification for M3 and DisplayHDR600 for M9. The latter also covers 95% of the DCI-P3 space according to Sony, for a very wide color representation.

The ports of the Sony M9 // Source: Sony

On these screens there are also three USB-A ports, which allow you to connect a keyboard, a mouse and a headset, which can thus control two PCs (or 1 PC and 1 console) connected to the screen.

PC screens designed for PS5

Drawing on its experience in the gaming market with its PlayStation brand and its image with its Bravia televisions, Sony certifies its screens ” Perfect for PS5 “. The console automatically recognizes the screen to which it is connected to adapt the best possible HDR parameters and thus display the maximum detail in the image, even in the most dynamic scenes. In addition, these monitors recognize the contents launched by the PlayStation 5 to automatically switch between them. Game mode (with reduced latency) to cinema mode (for a better calibrated image).

To this is added a control hub to assign a specific display mode or audio distribution for each application / each game, manage the classic settings (brightness, contrast, etc.), display an FPS counter, a Timer in games or even a viewfinder. Everything is planned to allow you to be in the best conditions to reach the TOP 1 of your life.

A high price

This attention to detail, right down to the stand design designed to maximize space and gaming comfort on a desk, comes at a cost. For the Sony Inzone M9, it takes 1099 euros. The price of the Inzone M3 is not yet known. At this price, you can almost afford Alienware’s 34-inch QD-OLED (assuming it’s at 1440p, so less suitable for console use). The choice is not easy …

You can find our full Sony M9 test to get a more complete idea of ​​the product.

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