Paying for a full tank of petrol without getting out of the car? This is the next CarPlay feature


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During his World Developer Conference (WWDC) last month, Apple introduced a big update to CarPlay, the built-in version of iOS for cars. One of the new features the company is working on is the ability to pay for a full tank of petrol directly from the dashboard of your car.

Because of this, Apple it will need partnerships with service stations. According to Reuters, the brand is concluding deals with several chains in the United States, including HF Sinclair, which has 1,600 service stations. Jack Barger, the group’s senior vice president of marketing, said they were ” excited about the idea that consumers can walk into a Sinclair station and purchase fuel from their vehicle’s navigation screen “.

Payment via CarPlay is expected to arrive this year

To take advantage of this feature, users will need to have a i phone and download theapplication developed by the chain of service stations they intend to fill up on. They will need to save their payment information there, then they can activate the pump remotely and pay their bill from the CarPlay interface on the dashboard.

This isn’t the first time a company has tried to implement such a feature. General Motors finished its payment system this year. However, with CarPlay featured on many car brands, Apple could be more successful. The function should arrive as soon as this Autumn when starting the new version of CarPlay.

Geneva Motor Show: with CarPlay, the iPhone wants to integrate with the car

CarPlay, the new name of Apple’s “iOS in the Car” project, will be one of the curiosities of the Paris Motor Show.automotive sector of Geneva which takes place from 6 to 16 March. Competitor of MirrorLink technology (for Android and Windows Phone), CarPlay provides access to a simplified version of the iPhone OS on a car’s dashboard.

Futura article with Relaxnews, published on 04/03/2014

Apple will demonstrate, at the Geneva Motor Show, CarPlayan embedded version of its operating system iOS specially dedicated to car. Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo are the first announced partner manufacturers. The idea of ​​CarPlay is to be able to connect your iPhone to your dashboard, which then refers to a lighter and simpler version of the interface of your smartphone, with its main features, applications and available content.

The system allows, for example, to make calls, use maps or even listen to music via thetouch screen or by voice command al Siri. CarPlay is an alternative to technology MirrorLinkwhich promises to replicate the interface and functionality of a smartphone Android or Windows Phone on the vehicle’s in-vehicle touch screen.

CarPlay compatible with iPhone 5, 5C and 5S

If Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo demonstrate this in Geneva, other automakers should quickly integrate CarPlay into their future models. This will be especially the case with BMW, FordGM, Honda, Hyundai, JaguarKia, Mitsubishi, Nissan, PSASubaru, Suzuki and Toyota.

The project, previously called ” iOS in the car “, Was originally unveiled by Apple in 2013 during the World Developer Conference. CarPlay works with everyone i phone with a Lightning port (iPhone 5, 5C and 5S) and will be integrated into their new models by some partner manufacturers starting in 2014.

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