Patrice Bergeron will sign a one-year contract with the Bruins


All Bruins fans on the planet have been asking the same question for a while now. Would Patrice Bergeron return next year after completing an eight-year contract that earned him $ 55 million?

It seems we have the answer this morning.

Last night on social media various information came out according to which the Quebecer had agreed with the Bruins the terms of a seasonal contract. However, the amount and financial details have not yet been disclosed.

This is what reporter Joe McDonald said last night.

One would certainly have thought that the one who has been wearing the C on the shirt with the Bruins for some years would have retired due to injuries accumulated over the course of his career.

And you know as well as I do that he has not been spared by this since his league debut in the 2003-2004 season.

We can, of course, expect this to be Bergeron’s last run in the best hockey league on the planet. At 36, the latest Selke Trophy winner has achieved it all in his career.

Individual trophies, Stanley Cup, gold medals at the Olympics… The veteran’s summary is not far off, we agree.

The Bruins, who will remember, will have a new manager for the 2022-2023 season, they will want to be competitive for what could be their captain’s last season. It will therefore be interesting to see what theirs are moves in the coming weeks in view of the opening of next season.

They have the elements in place to be good, of course. But why not give a great player (and a great man) the opportunity to enjoy one last cup before moving on?

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