one of the greatest survival games of this generation free for a limited time


With the 2022 edition of the Summer Games Fest, it’s time to celebrate. The conferences are linked, the opportunity for publishers and associated studios to announce or present their projects in more detail. And during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, fans of survival games got their eyes on the new trailer forARK 2. To celebrate, one of the greatest survival games of this generation is free for a limited time.

one of the best free survival games

While the PlayStation Plus and Epic Games Store continually delight their subscribers and users with free games, Steam regularly does the same. Valve’s distribution platform doesn’t hesitate to offer titles as well, to the delight of its 120 million monthly users. Only, it sometimes happens that the games offered are for a limited time. It is therefore advisable to connect at the right time so as not to lose it.

And after a new trailer for ARK 2 this weekend, his predecessor, the famous ARK: Evolved survivalit is free until June 19th, 10:00 am An attractive offer that does not come by itself. And for good reason, to celebrate, now Fjordur, his Nordic DLC, is also free. In this DLC, you’ll need to explore “140 square kilometers of new biomes, new challenges and rewarding discoveries” in search of the four new creatures before using your resources to unleash your fury at the controls of your tank, aka the saddle. of your Andrewsarco.

Then explore the surroundings with your Fjordhawk, ARK’s new shoulder animal companion, while your fenrir lets you roam freely on its back. And to spice things up, you can also drain the life force of your enemies with the Desmodus. To recover ARK: Evolved survival and / or its DLC, it’s simple, just go here.

ARK: evolved survival, quesako?

Released in early access in 2015, then in full version in 2017, ARK: Evolved survival it is none other than one of the best survival games of recent years. Players are unanimous, or almost unanimous, as its Steam ratings show: 82% positive ratings for 528,295 published ratings. It’s inside ARK: Evolved survivalyou will be catapulted into a ruthless world full of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

To survive, you’ll need to gather resources to craft armor, build a base, and craft weapons. But by putting these majestic creatures to sleep, you can also tame them. But be careful, not all dinosaurs have the same level. Explore the game’s different biomes and uncover the secrets of these extinct creatures, alone or with others. On foot or on the back of dinosaurs, pterosaurs or mammals, you evolve in this world that only wants one thing: to devour you.


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