obvious potential, but a lot of problems on the Xbox Series


When we think of futuristic races at dizzying speed, we necessarily think of Sweep it away. Forerunner of the genre and still a reference today, this series has delighted PlayStation gamers. Being a Sony exclusive, on Xbox we have to make do with copies. That said, some are excellent, like Redoutdeveloped by 34BigThings, an independent Italian studio. The second part has just been released, offering an optimization for the Xbox Series X | S. On the 4K program, a framerate of 60fps, but also many worries….

The first Redoutreleased in 2016, it was already full of flaws from the first day, which several patches had gradually erased. Unfortunately, this suite also suffers from flaws that we had to tell you about. In fact, the flaws are too obvious to ignore, at least until today.

All faults mentioned below refer to the Xbox Series X version:

To begin with, the music system presented as revolutionary, because it adapts to your exploits, is catastrophic. It is ridiculous to the point of being unbearable. Cut at any time, change volume by itself and feature no melody. The techno music presented here is made up of big names in the genre, such as Giorgio Moroder (midnight To express), but it turns out to be objectively broken. Secondly, the generally silent console emits a rocket sound upon takeoff as soon as a race begins. To the point of wondering if he won’t let us go! A patch to address these issues needs to be implemented quicklyat the risk of permanently compromising the developer’s reputation.

Another less serious but frustrating concern should also be mentioned. The difficulty is one of the most shaky I’ve ever experienced. The boost tutorial at the start of the game is extremely difficult. You have to go full speed to rack up points and move on. But too fast also means our ship overheats and explodes! I recommend getting over it, trying it out, exploding ten times, but keep this pace! This Redout 2 turns out to be more difficult than the previous one, but there is a difference between difficult and ridiculous. Especially since the difficulty mode is only adjustable after the tutorial! Please patch this to us 🙂

You might think I’m tapping the responsible firm Redout 2. But this title has enormous potential. It is spectacular, as fast as it is not allowed and very tempting. But the unfinished thing about the launch continues, and it’s incredibly frustrating. Especially when I was waiting for this Redout 2 firmly! These flaws will surely be erased in the coming weeks. But I put myself in the shoes of a player who puts his hard earned money just to be disappointed. Not for the substance, excellent, but for the shape, which objectively and clearly lacks finishing. Good 34BigThings, give us the game we expected from you!

We will inform you of the evolution of the situation as soon as it is known.

The trailer for Redout 2 :


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