Nintendo Direct Mini: what not to miss


The Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase aired on June 28th. An event that shows a wide range of titles developed and published by various partners that will make their arrival this year as well as in 2023 on the Nintendo Switch. No big games announced, but little news that will please many of us.

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We’ve listed what you shouldn’t miss!

monster hunter Rise: dawn

Image credit: Capcom

As we saw during the Capcom Showcase 2022. The Monster Hunter Rise game expansion is coming with new features. Scheduled for June 30, 2022 on Switch, some updates will be available in late August 2022 with Bazelgeuse Vulcan and Lucent Nargacuca. Others will see the light in autumn 2022, in winter 2022 and in the year 2023.

NieR: Automata The End of YorRHa Edition

Image credit: PlatinumGames

NieR: Automata arrives on Nintendo Switch! Faced with otherworldly threats, the military group of androids YORHa attempts to repel the invader. Scheduled for October 6, 2022, NieR: Automata returns with a version that includes all the content already available, but with exclusive modes and outfits. The pre-order is already available on Nintendo eShop.

Lorelei and the laser eyes

Do you like puzzles? This game is made for you! Immerse yourself in a surreal world full of puzzles. Lorelei and the laser Eyes will be available in 2023 as a temporary exclusive on the Nintendo Switch console.

Super Bomberman R 2

A new Bomberman game has been announced! In addition to the modes we all know, this one adds the new Castle mode which allows 15 players to work together to open chests while others will try to prevent them. You can now create and share your own levels. Super Bomberman R 2 will be available next year on Nintendo Switch.

Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection

10 Mega Man Battle Network games previously released on the Game Boy Advance are returning to the Switch. The collection includes a gallery that brings together more than 1000 illustrations and listen to ancient music to immerse you in childhood. A release scheduled for next year in two separate volumes on the Nintendo eShop.


It’s the great return of Pac-Man! A remake scheduled for August 26, 2022, where you will have to help Pac-Man find and rescue his family imprisoned by ghosts.


A game that will make you dream. A fawn and a puppy will have to work together to face the cold and go home. An adventure full of captivating and touching puzzles in a black and white snowy setting. The game is playable locally and online, so everyone can have fun and share this adventure. Release scheduled for February 2023 console exclusive on Nintendo Switch.

Return to Monkey Island

Image credit: Devolver Digital

What’s better than a pirate adventure! An adventure that brings together all the themes of ships and piracy. Return to Monkey Island marks the return and sequel to The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. No date yet, but a release scheduled for this year.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of hope

Image credit: Ubisoft

A new adventure awaits Mario and the Rabbids. After an announcement made in June, Nintendo is back with new information about the game. Also in a turn-based system, Mario + The Rabbids will have the option of having the freedom of movement and will be accompanied this time by Bowser. For a date set for October 20, 2022, the pre-order is already available. More information will come on the official Ubisoft accounts.

Little Noah: scion of heaven

A fun little game. Play as Noah, a young alchemist who has landed in ancient ruins in a storm. He recruits astrals to help you fight the enemies that get in your way. Little Noah: Scion of Paradise arrives on Nintendo Switch today.

Railway grade

What’s better than a good management game! We were building rail networks to transport freight and expand your network. This is what this management and strategy game offers, which will be available this fall on the Nintendo Switch.

RPG Time: The Wright Legend

A game made for drawing lovers. Immerse yourself in the world of game designer Kenta on a hand-drawn adventure to save the world in his latest creation: The Legend of Wright. This role-playing game spans over 200 pages in which you will have to draw, erase and solve puzzles. RPG Time: The Legend of Wright will be released on August 18th on Nintendo Switch and will be available for pre-order from today on Nintendo eShop.

sonic frontiers

Sonic’s new adventures begin on the Starfall Islands, the birthplace of a mysterious ancient civilization. He explores the different environments and vast open areas to discover these mysterious islands. Sonic Frontiers will be released this winter on Nintendo Switch.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Experience magical adventures with Disney and Pixar characters. Dreamlight Valley was once an idyllic place where Disney and Pixar characters lived in harmony, but the nightmare begins when Oblivion makes its appearance. Disney Dreamlight Valley will be available in early access on September 6 on Nintendo Switch.

Live to live

Live a Live returns in HD-2D on July 22 to experience the stories of this RPG’s unique heroes, time periods and gameplay. During the day, a demo will be available to start three chapters of the game on the Nintendo eShop.

Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom

Nobita and their friends land on a new planet and decide to help their new friend by farming the land. By plowing the fields or taking care of the animals, you will have the opportunity to play local multiplayer and build your own farm. The game is scheduled for this year on the Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft legends

The world of Minecraft with the gameplay of a strategy game? Now it is possible in Minecraft Legends. Face the terrible threats looming over the world in the new game coming out next year.

Dragon Quest Treasures

Scheduled for December 9, 2022, Dragon Quest Treasures takes you on a treasure seeker adventure. Erik and Mia, accompanied by their companions Purrsula and Porcus, join forces with many monsters to search for treasures in the world of Draconia.

Portal: Cubic Collection

Scheduled for a daytime release on Nintendo Switch. Find GLaDOS, a deadly creative AI that will make your head spin with strange puzzles.


Harvestella is a life simulation and role-playing game in which you work the land, cook and make crafts in the village of Lèthe while living to the rhythm of the seasons. However, they will eventually give way to the season of death called Quietus which you should interrupt. The game is available from November 4, 2022 on Nintendo Switch.


Here comes the arrival of three iconic Persona games. Starting October 21, 2022, experience Persona 5 Royal with all DLCs. The arrival of Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable will be released soon. There are no dates yet, but we can’t wait. All three games feature English and Japanese voice acting, high definition graphics, and are sold separately.

Other news

More new features were announced during this Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase. We can see Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes which is already available. The exploration game No Man’s Sky, arriving on October 7, A Plague Tale: Requiem Cloud Version, the sequel to the game that will be released on October 18, and Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump + Dimensions, an adventure game available on July 28.


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