The publisher Freedom games and the developer Mercury Game Studio announced the arrival August 8 on Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store) from their tactical-RPG The blessing of the tyrant. Inspired by the games Into the Breach and Invisible, Inc., the game tells the Tyrant’s arrival appeared in Tiberias promising a paradise without war, without suffering … and without death. To enter his paradise, the Tiberi only had to die at the hands of his army of the dead. The war ended before it even started. Of the thousands of people died following the Tyrantbefore being brought back to her womb as unfailing servants, bound by magic. The few warriors still alive are scattered across the remnants of their kingdom, tirelessly searching for a way to turn the tide against the tyrannical Tyrant. It will be up to you, the player, to lead the revolt, defeat the army of the dead and drive the monstrous lord back into the depths of the sea from which he came.

Tyrant’s blessing, every battle is a risk

In this Turn-based tactical role-playing game where is it your ability to plan, adapt and strategize is more important than optimizing your units or find the sharpest weapon in the lot, you will have to choose new battles every day to fight and make tough choices. Before you go into battle against the Tyrant’s legions, you’ll need to make sure you live long enough to reclaim the island. Choose between fighting, saving the living from the undead, or saving your own forces. Each decision is crucial for the future of the rebellion. During your journey through Tyberia, you will encounter random encounters that will push you to make difficult decisions.

Will you stand in the way of street thieves while risking the lives of your men? Will you be able to save a child, at the risk of wasting time and resources? Only your morals and your ideals will give you the answer. Choose your team of heroes carefully. Screegthe old wizard who advises rebellion cannot only teleports three heroes and one pet at a time : Will you send your elite warriors? Or new blades to train? Will they be up to it? Will you bear the consequences? It is up to you…

Analyze and plan before any action

The Tyrant cannot be defeated without destroying his undead army. However, hitting the enemy as hard as possible will not be enough to achieve victory. Analyze the battles and plan accordingly. Place warriors on the battlefield to maintain a strategic advantage and always remains attentive to your environment : Fly the dust to blind your enemies, jump on the stones or hide in the bushes to avoid the attacks of the enemies. Beware of the enemy: every attack is predictable, but beware, because every move generates a shadow. This rest of the character can still be attacked if there is no way to avoid it …

Take down enemies and obstacles, protect weaker heroes with those who can take damage, and chain powerful elemental attacks using the environment. Brute force is viable, but it’s better to fight smart than hard.

The tyrant’s blessing, 20 heroes with different abilities and personalities

Each of your heroes has their own personality and offers various properties and abilities. Who will you choose to endanger? This will be done based on your strategic affinities. It will take already start by finding them all and enlisting them, each with a distinct set of skills that can drastically turn the tide of a battle. But be warned: not all heroes spawn in a game, and not all are guaranteed to get out of this mission alive. It is up to you to compose the right team based on the situation. For instance, a killer will use tight spacesWhy’an archer will need more distance. Some heroes can even take their pets with them, which will give a boost to the group to win a battle. Even if the heroes die, they can still be freed from the Tyrant’s grasp. Find them, defeat them in battle, and restore the life that was stolen from them, then use them again.

A great program to find this summer translated into several languages, including French.


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