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On paper, this 2022 vintage doesn’t look historic for the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (LHJMQ).

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Guillaume Lefrancois

Guillaume Lefrancois
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In his final standings, TSN’s Bob McKenzie selected two players from the Courteau circuit among his 32 best hopes: Nathan Gaucher and Tristan Luneau, respectively 28And and 32And. His colleague Craig Button does not mention any QMJHL products prior to 33And rank.

But in this year in which the identity of the best prospect is also debated, how much are the predictions worth on paper? However, six potential Courteau circuit customers generated enough interest from NHL teams to be invited to the evaluation camp in Buffalo last month.

Here is an overview of these six wannabe Quebec junior hockey wannabes.

Nathan Gaucher

Quebec Remparts
6’3 “, 207 lbs.
16And North American Hope *

“A good player in all three areas, playing in a straight line,” describes one scout. Sometimes we think we hear Shane Wright debates about him, but on a smaller scale, of course. Because everywhere we agree that he is a “safe” choice, but the limits of his potential leave many appetites. Furthermore, his 57 points in 66 games, for a player born at the end of 2003, are not his best calling card, but with his size and style of play he has the tools to make his mark as well as report. alone. Gaucher was invited to the evaluation camp in Buffalo the week of May 30, but has not gone as the Remparts were eliminated on May 1.uh June.

Tristan Luneau

Gatineau Olympics
6’2 “, 189 lbs.
24And North American Hope *


Tristan Luneau

An enthusiastic observer expects him to go in the second half of the first round, but most rankings put him in the second round. The evaluation of him, in fact, must take into account a knee surgery, which made him miss the retirement in 2021. he He is described as a “complete” defender, whose value is not only to support the attack. And he himself, in an interview in Buffalo last month, he told us that he was inspired by Charlie McAvoy, the pillar of the Boston Bruins on the blue line. “McAvoy is like Ryan McDonagh. They don’t always make good plays for the fans, but they do everything to win, they help their team and they don’t have enough credit. ”

Noah Warren

Gatineau Olympics
6’5 “, 224 lbs.
33And North American Hope *

Right backs are always appreciated. Even the big ones. So there are two cards in Warren’s deck. The athlete from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu also has a perfectly adequate skate. “As soon as you have a 6’5” right defender who really knows how to skate, the alarm bells always ring in the heads of the explorers, “notes Hockey Prospects, an independent scouting service, in its annual Black Book. his main flaw remains, but there will certainly be teams hoping to work with him on this gap.

Maveric Lamoureux

Drummondville Voltigeurs
6’7 “, 199 lbs.
20And North American Hope *

Remember the time we told you about the great right defenders? This is also the profile of Lamoureux, a real charisma bomb in an interview. The entire NHL must be aware of this charisma, since 27 of the 32 teams interviewed him last month in Buffalo. His offensive production is modest, which is not a problem in the eyes of a young man who says he is inspired by Colton Parayko, the giant who patrols the blue line of the St. Louis Blues. Note that Lamoureux grew up playing two sports: hockey and lacrosse. “Lacrosse helped me as an athlete, even for the double checks! jokes. Skill, stamina, cardio, it helped, because you’re still running. Maybe it took me other sports to help me grow in hockey. ”

Jeremy Langlois

Cape Breton Howling Eagles
6 ‘, 182 lbs.
60And North American Hope *

Born on September 19, he missed the 2021 draft for four days. His record of -39 draws attention, but he played on the worst team – by far – in the QMJHL last season. His intelligence is his main strength. Central Scouting ranks him low, but his presence in Buffalo last month means several teams have asked for him to be invited.

Maxim Barbashev

The wild cats of Moncton
6’1 “, 183 lbs.
98And North American Hope *

He too was invited to Buffalo despite his distant ranking. He follows in the footsteps of his brother, Ivan, doing his junior internship at Moncton. And like his brother he is not afraid to give good backs. His 42 points in 59 games, for a player born at the end of 2003, however, herald limited offensive potential.

* NHL Central Scouting Ranking


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