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Andreas Dackell against an eighth round pick. Aaron Luchuk and a seventh round pick over Matthew Peca. Andrew Sturtz and a fifth round pick over Mike Reilly.

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Simon Olivier Lorange

Simon Olivier Lorange
The print

Since the NHL’s return to Ottawa in 1992, transactions between the Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Canadiens have been rare. Before the Dackell swap, in 2001, it was necessary to go back to 1933 and 1934. Albert Leduc’s rights were first sold to the Sens by the Habs, then bought a few months later.

Both claim that to date there has been no coup between the two formations. What if history was about to change?

Various media, including The printvia his reporter Mathias Brunet, wrote that the Canadian was actively trying to anticipate his second round first pick, currently drawn at 26And rank, to get closer to the top 15maybe also top 10.

He might even try to go up to 7And degree, currently held by the senators?

You will not read here that it is done. Canadian CEO Kent Hughes said Wednesday that he was talking to “everyone” but that he couldn’t say anything “for the time being”.

His Senatorial counterpart, Pierre Dorion, was otherwise talkative. He’s not trying to hide that he’s ready to use his first-round pick to improve his team.

Bruce Garrioch, who covers activities for theOttawa Sun, wrote in recent days that the club is looking for a right winger to support Tim Stützle. The usually well-informed reporter added Wednesday night that Josh Anderson’s name would be at the center of discussions between the two rivals in the Atlantic division.

Dorion did not specifically comment on these hypotheses. And she served the circumstance choir in case she spoke right into the microphone this Thursday night at the Bell Center.

“If we keep the choice, we know we will get a very good player,” he told the dozen media representatives gathered around him on Wednesday morning. Not a guy who will play next season, but certainly a level defender top 4 or an attacker first 6 which will have an impact over the next two, three or four years. ”

This is all for that. Furthermore, the message is very clear: “Everyone knows we want to win. ”

“The next step”

It’s not just Dorion who says it. His two biggest stars, defender Thomas Chabot and forward Brady Tkachuk, who is also his captain, told him at the end of last season that they expected their team to take the next step. ”

Read here: start winning and really winning. Having reached the Eastern Conference Finals in 2017, the Senators have missed the playoffs by a sizable margin over the past five seasons.

The club, meanwhile, was filled with hopes for talent. Now is the time to surround talented young veterans so that this long reconstruction finally bears fruit.

“Since we got here [à Montréal], we had a lot of discussions, Dorion confirmed on Wednesday. Not only for the choice of the first round, also for other choices. ”

It is no secret that we try to improve, to bring players who have a certain profile, experience.

Pierre Dorion, general manager of the Ottawa Senators

How many teams have already tagged him? “Different”, smiled the GM, who on Thursday is not willing to give up the draft picks. Players selected in recent years may also be sacrificed.

Dorion has no illusions: Ottawa is not the most sought-after destination by the champions of the circuit who are reaching full autonomy and who, therefore, can get along with the team of their choice. Its many young heritages therefore acquire an even greater importance.

“Last year we tried to have free agents to fill positions in certain positions, but players of 27, 28 or 29 want to win,” said Dorion, lucid. If we want to attract free agents, we have to take a whole step. I don’t know many players who dream of retiring to Ottawa … ”

A reporter jokingly asked him if he thought Claude Giroux was still too young to retire. The question was not trivial, as the name of the 34-year-old French-Ontario player, who ended last season with the Florida Panthers, is linked to the Senators by multiple rumors.

Smiling, Dorion recalled that Giroux was “still owned by another team” and added that he would refrain from making any further comments.

And the Canadian in all of this? Negotiating with a team in his division is not taboo, the manager insisted, adding that he “always had a good relationship with Kent. [Hughes] and Jeff Gorton. With Hughes during his time as an agent, he has negotiated several contracts, he said.

“I have a lot of respect for what both men are doing. If an exchange can help our two teams, we will certainly take it seriously. ”

After all, this may be the last time we talk about Andreas Dackell and Aaron Luchuk.


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