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Clearly, Canadians are using all their resources to make the right choice on the 1uh degree of draft.

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Guillaume Lefrancois

Guillaume Lefrancois
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Shane Wright said Wednesday he spoke to Habs manager Martin St-Louis.

The phone call, which took place ten days ago, was obviously not trivial, since they talked to each other for more than half an hour. Wright, ranked as the best prospect in North America by the National League’s Central Scouting, was impressed by whoever could become his manager this fall.

“It was good. Martin is so smart as a coach, he was a smart player and he’s a smart coach. There are good young people and I want to be part of what this organization is building, ”Wright explained Wednesday morning on the sidelines of a promotional activity on ice at the CH training center.


Left to right: Juraj Slafkovsky, Shane Wright and Logan Cooley

Six aspirants participated in this activity, including outsider Juraj Slafkovsky and center Logan Cooley, the other two names cited as candidates to be claimed in the 1uh row Thursday.

The strategy obviously differs from one hope to another. Slafkovsky, has not spoken to any staff members of the Canadian from the Buffalo assessment camp, but will be entitled to a late meeting on Thursday, the day of the first round.

“I was supposed to meet them yesterday, he explained, but the plane was delayed. Today there are a lot of things planned, so tomorrow we will have a meeting, I don’t know who will be there. “

Special to still have a match on the repechage day? “I don’t know, but I like it! “, She launched, with her big smile.

Cooley meanwhile indicated that he had not received a call from St. Louis and that he does not have a meeting scheduled for this week in Montreal.

Lecavaliere too

For Wright, this call from St. Louis adds to a call from Vincent Lecavalier, which took place earlier last week. Lecavalier spoke about this conversation at a press conference on Monday.

Wright clearly appreciated the initiative.

“I see that they are doing their homework, they want to know what I am as a player,” said the number 51. He recounted his experiences. In his case it was different, he would go to Tampa, which was a small market at the time.

“It was an incredible conversation. It was special talking to him. We talked about his experiences. Being a former first choice, she understands what I’ve been through this year and over the past few months. “

Slafkovsky’s humor


Juraj Slafkovsky

For his part, Slafkovsky once again used his – yep – legendary sense of humor to avoid less comfortable questions.

Last month, in Buffalo, the Slovak told us he would look good in Montreal, in line with Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki. “It would be a pretty crazy trio [a pretty sick line]. I think I am the largest of the three. They need someone older to get the records. And they are really skill players. It would be a good combination! “, She had answered us.

However, on Wednesday, as part of an activity with minor hockey players, the six hopes of the day were on the ice at Brossard alongside Jonathan Drouin … and Suzuki. So how did the conversation with CH number 14 go?

“It was fun. I purposely stood next to him so that the newspapers had a story to write,” he joked.


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