NHL Draft: Magnificent surprises for Samuel Savoie and Jérémy Langlois hastily enlisted


MONTREAL – Two weeks ago we were wondering if Samuel Savoie would be drafted. Still, the Chicago Blackhawks have decided to appropriate the services of this cute parasite in the third round.

“Crime, round three, who planned it? I hoped so, but … he is an extraordinary young man “, reacted Louis Robitaille, his coach of him with Gatineau Olympiques.

Robitaille was answering questions from some journalists, including the author of these lines, when his colleague Stéphane Leroux came to tell him that Savoie had been drafted from Chicago.

Immediately, Robitaille was overcome with emotion. Seeing him enlisted in 81st place was even better than Robitaille had hoped for.

“Clearly, it was a blow to the heart (for the Hawks). He is the kind of player you need to like. He has a chair to fill, but he’s not just a shaker, he’s a hockey player. He can play all three positions up front and is extremely physical. He sounds like his personality, with emotion and energy, “summed up Robitaille.

The beauty of the story also comes from the fact that it was the Quebec recruiter, Alexandre Rouleau, friend and former opponent of Robitaille, who succeeded in convincing his bosses to hastily choose him.

“It’s early for Sam, he must be happy, I can’t wait to see him,” added Robitaille.

In revising the Hawks draft, Amateur Recruiting Director Mike Doneghey chose brilliant words to describe Savoy.

“He’s just a ball of energy and he’s solid for his size. His ardor is reminiscent of Yanni Gourde’s, he chases the puck and he’s a character model.”

Arriving in front of the media, Savoie showed an absolutely charming smile of pride. In an interview with RDS.cahe had admitted it wouldn’t be the end of the world not to be drafted.

“It sure is crazy! We have worked hard all our lives for this and I am lucky that today is my turn, ”commented the man his teammates adored.

“I had good conversations with them, it clicked between me and Alexandre. But I didn’t expect to hang out that high with Chicago. How sensationit’s incredible, ”added the Dieppe skater.

Without having seen him play, one could never imagine that Savoie irritates his opponents on ice so much. Robitaille also predicts that it won’t be long before he will be hated in the NHL.

“I play with that team in my game and that helps me. I will continue to do it, I like it ”, reacted Savoie, who is one meter and eighty tall.

When he arrived at the Olympiques, Savoie had to adapt his style, which was based on attacking to a lower level.

“When I came from Moncton, maybe I was playing with some bad habits. Louis has been very demanding with me, he wants the best for his players. Louis is a big part of that, we were three draft players (from the Olympiques) in the first three rounds, “acknowledged Savoie.

Over the next few days, Savoie will be able to celebrate his success with his good friends from his corner of the country, including Lukas Cormier, who was enlisted last year by the Golden Knights of Las Vegas.

The shadow didn’t damage the Coyotes’ eyesight

For his part, defender Jérémy Langlois is expected to be drafted. The opposite would have been a surprise, indeed a great disappointment.

Jeremy LangloisOn the other hand, Langlois has had to evolve in the shadow of Maveric Lamoureux, Tristan Luneau and Noah Warren this season. So much so that we wondered if the Cape Breton Eagles athlete would not have lost his feathers in the repechage.

Fortunately, quite the opposite happened as the Arizona Coyotes claimed it before the end of the third round (in 94th place).

“I really didn’t expect that. I felt like I was in a movie, it’s hard to describe, ”compared Langlois.

The Quebec defender could only rejoice in having avoided the impact of this shadow.

“I’m really happy, I deserved it. I have worked hard to improve my game. We are all good players, we are part of the same gang, “he noted with a strong argument that he likes to be inspired by Josh Morrissey.

It also turns out that the Coyotes drafted Lamoureux the day before with the 29th pick in the first round.

Having played for a poor team this season, Langlois needed to run into an NHL club that understood this reality and took the time to study his game to appreciate its offensive strengths.

“I had good interviews with them and we talked again earlier in the week. I knew they loved me. I was expecting that for a while, I looked at their table a couple of times and we exchanged glances, “revealed Langlois, who this season has mainly traded with their seafaring scout, Kevin Thacker.

“He didn’t let himself be influenced by a terrible situation, that of never winning. Being mentally strong enough to outrun him and maintain his level of competition proves he’s a special person, noted Darryl Plandowski, the director of amateur recruiting for the Coyotes.


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