NFL – Soccer: Aaron Rodgers, the rich ending of a saga … or not


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When Aaron Rodgers indicated he would be returning with the Green Bay Packers after a nearly two-year saga in early March, everything seemed fine in Wisconsin’s brave new world. Finally, the legendary number 12 will continue to thrill the crowd at Lambeau Field. Days later, Packers fans (and possibly Rodgers himself) were shocked to see Davante Adams leave for Vice City to join Derek Carr and the Raiders.

Adams said it was the specter of Rodgers’ retirement that prompted him to move to Las Vegas. We bet, however, that all the turnovers in the Rodgers saga were enough to annoy the champion. Of course, Adams didn’t put out any fires when he said it was easy for him to adjust to receiving Carr’s passes because “he was moving from one future Hall of Famer to another.” Rodgers was quick to respond, comparing Adams to Allen Lazard, “two future Hall of Famers”.

The legitimate question arises in the case of Rodgers, however. What will he be able to do with what is probably the worst receiving team of his career? Since 2016, Adams has been Rodgers’ favorite target with 69 touchdowns in six seasons. Lazar finished the season with five touchdowns in the last five weeks of the year, suggesting that Rodgers’ chemistry talk between the two men could really catch fire this season. Realistically, however, Lazar has never been able to establish himself as a true number two receiver for the Packers since he arrived as an undrafted free agent in 2018. progression to fill the great role of Adams.

Rodgers’ other options are a little better known, but not necessarily more encouraging. Veterans Randall Cobb and Sammy Watkins are expected to find themselves in the roles of inside receiver and left receiver respectively. Both Cobb and Watkins have previously held important starter roles on their team, but the last time the two men crossed 1,000 yards was in 2015 for Watkins and 2014 for Cobb. Either way, this is their only season of its kind. Another element that could benefit from Adams’ departure is tight end Robert Tonyan, who exploded in 2020 with 11 touchdowns before falling into action last season. Young Amari Rodgers may be able to surprise and sneak into a role with such a bare brigade.

For the first time since Adams was selected in 2014, the Packers set their sights on a receiver in one of the first two rounds of the draft last April, picking Christian Watson at 34.And rank. By a twist of fate, Watson was placed on the Physically Unperformable (PUP) list due to knee surgery, meaning he wasted time in training camp developing skills and chemistry with Rodgers. The latter was reassuring despite the recruit’s absence from the camp.

“He’s not a big concern. He’s very smart. It would be great if he were off the roster to be able to participate in drills, but he’ll be fine. He’s super athletic. He’s been on other off-season training programs, including optional camps. He’s always on me. close to ask questions after training and during individual exercises. I’m not worried about him. “

It was about Watson, in the case of other beginner catchers … Let’s just say that Rodgers’ patience reached its limit at some point on the court. “Young people, especially young recipients, need to be much more consistent. There are a lot of loose balls, a lot of bad decisions on the routes. We have to be better, “the veteran quarterback said after a training session just days before the second preseason game for his team. A few days later, Rodgers said he saw progress with his receivers, especially rookie Romeo. Doubs who went up to training camp despite some fumbles.

The question of Aaron Rodgers’ options seems to arise at every start to the season, and every time the four-time MVP winner nails the most pessimistic, with one more surprising performance than the other. Will we see another almost miraculous season of Rodgers and the emergence of an unexpected star? With the ” bad man “, everything is possible!

Tell Aaron Rodgers he can’t do something and watch him go. It will be a good show!


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