NFL: Deshaun Watson regrets the damage done to those around him


Quarterback Deshaun Watson reiterated Tuesday that he was innocent of the numerous allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct during the massage sessions that were brought against him, reports ESPN. The Cleveland Browns member once again said he did not regret any of his actions but admitted that he regrets the impact the allegations have had on those around him.

“I understand that I have no regrets about the impact it has had [cela a eu] about the community and the people around me, “Watson said. And that includes my family. This includes this organization. This includes my teammates in this locker room who have to answer these questions. This includes Cleveland Browns fans. . This includes men, women, everyone around the world. This is one thing I regret and the impact it has had on so many people. It’s hard to manage. “

In the past 15 days, two more civil lawsuits have been filed against Watson, bringing the total number of lawsuits against him to 24 for allegedly inappropriate sexual conduct during the massage sessions.

Attorney Tony Buzbee, who represents the women suing Watson, told WEWS-TV in Cleveland on Monday that two other women plan to sue the quarterback. Buzbee said an Atlanta lawyer referred one of the women and the other woman contacted him after seeing the incident.Real sportsfrom HBO who aired a story about Watson.

“We have been sent the video of Watson’s press conference,” Buzbee said in a statement released Tuesday afternoon. We appreciate the Cleveland market and their strong support for their new quarterback, Deshaun Watson. But: Given the volume of credible cases filed, the senior detective’s sworn testimony, the undisputed facts, and the pain, grief, and devastation Watson has caused, we think it would be appropriate to see Deshaun Watson express regret or remorse for the way he has treated these women, some of whom they have sued and many who have not yet. “

the New York Times reported last week that Watson dated at least 66 different women over a 17-month period, from fall 2019 to spring 2021. The list of 66 includes the 24 women who filed a lawsuit against Watson; a woman who sued Watson but later withdrew her complaint; two women who filed criminal charges against Watson but did not prosecute him; at least 15 therapists who made statements of support for Watson at the request of his lawyers; at least four therapists under contract with the Houston Texans; five women identified by the plaintiffs’ lawyers during the investigation of their lawsuits; and at least 15 other women, whose appointments with Watson have been confirmed by interviews and papers reviewed by the Times.

Some of these additional women have spoken publicly for the first time in Times. One woman, who did not prosecute Watson or report to the police, told the Times that she persisted in her requests for sexual acts during the massage.

On March 25, during his introductory press conference with the Browns, Watson said he had “no regrets” for any of his actions during one of the massage sessions. Watson continued to deny any wrongdoing on Tuesday: “As I said, I’ve never attacked anyone. I’ve never harassed anyone. I have never disrespected anyone. I’ve never forced anyone to do anything. “

Though two grand juries in Texas refused to prosecute Watson earlier this year, the NFL is investigating whether he violated his code of conduct and interviewed the quarterback in person last month as part of its investigation. At the spring meeting, Commissioner Roger Goodell said he believed the NFL was nearing the end of the investigation, but he was unable to provide a timeline for when a decision could be made.

“I can’t control this. I did everything they asked me to do. I honestly answered every question the NFL has asked me, Watson said. I spent hours with these people. All I can do is be honest. and tell them exactly what happened. They have a job, so I have to respect it. What we want to do is collaborate. They have to make the best decision for the championship. “

Watson was asked if he had considered filing a libel suit because of the damage the lawsuits had caused to his reputation. He said he wasn’t focused on that and was just focusing on cleaning up his reputation.

When asked how his legal situation affects him, Watson said, “It was difficult,” and said he tries to keep a balance between his mental health and his social life.

“But I have a wonderful family. I have an excellent legal team. And I have a great support group here in this organization, she added. I go there every day [en me concentrant] about my job and being the best person I can be, “Watson said. I can’t control what the other party does with the legal process. I just have to keep focusing on being the best Deshaun Watson I can be for this organization. “


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