Montreal “could be an option” for Marc-André Fleury


For the first time in a decade, a position of number one goalkeeper could open up in Montreal. At the same time, and for the first time in his career, Marc-André Fleury will become a free agent. Does the scenery flow through the Quebecer’s head?

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Jean-Francois Teotonio

Jean-Francois Teotonio
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The Canadian “could be an option,” Fleury agreed on Friday morning to Sorel-Tracy.

Before moving on quickly: “But it’s not yet. Carey ended the season. I wish him all the best to come back next season. ”

The elite of golfers from the Deux-Rives region met on Friday at the Sorel-Tracy Les Dunes Golf Club for the Beauchemin-Fleury-Beauvillier Classic, organized by the Cégep de Sorel-Tracy Foundation. Anthony Beauvillier, of the islanders, and François Beauchemin, of the Ducks organization, were also present among the wildlife in polo and Bermuda shorts.

Marc-André Fleury’s three-year contract with the Golden Knights in 2019 ends this summer. He has since traveled through Chicago, then Minnesota.

The 37-year-old jailer has already said he wants to play “at least one more season”. The choice of his next destination will be based on some very specific criteria. Starting with the comfort of his family.

“It was difficult to leave Las Vegas,” he says of his three children. They had made friends in elementary school. Then we move to Chicago. The same thing. At the end of the year they still cry, they lose their friends, they lose their school. If we could have some stability, that would be good. ”

“I want to take my time [pour prendre une décision]. But at the same time it shouldn’t be too long because once I enroll in another city, I have to find a home, a school. We have to find the perfect place for us. ”

Marc-André Fleury himself says: “He doesn’t [lui] not long to play. What workload do you want to bring in the end?

“I love to play. Of course, being on the bench isn’t always fun. But I don’t feel like I have to play 60, 65 games like before. Sharing the goal with another goalkeeper was fine for me. It’s also good for the body, to stay healthy. Helps you get through the program. ”

If Carey Price hung up the leggings before next season, we should find a way to support Jake Allen. If, of course, Samuel Montembeault does not sign a new contract and Cayden Primeau is not ready to take the plunge, despite the sublime streak of the American League.

It was also determined that Fleury would not say no to sharing duties on goal, just like he did with Robin Lehner in Las Vegas. In this context, her candidacy becomes interesting.

But there is another criterion that will tip the scales: the desire to win. Now.

“A place where I could win games is always more fun,” he smiles. I loved my time in Chicago. […] But sometimes it’s hard to lose so much, lose so often. This is hard on morale. ”

We agree that the context in which the Canadian will evolve in the coming years would not be entirely conducive to the happiness of Marc-André Fleury. In any case he hasn’t spoken to Kent Hughes, since he would not be allowed to do so as a member of the Wild.

“Not yet,” he adds, with his indelible smile.

“We have not delivered the goods,” says Beauvillier

Anthony Beauvillier finds no excuse for the islanders’ tough season. After making playoff appearances in the previous three seasons, the Islanders finished the program 16 points from bottom to qualify for the playoffs. A failure that led to the dismissal of coach Barry Trotz and most of his assistants.

Photo Frank Franklin II, Associated Press archives

Anthony Beauvillier

“He wants, he doesn’t want, it is we who have not delivered the goods, explained Sorelois on Friday. […] With the new arena, we’ve had a lot of ups and downs. It has been a very strange season, I would say. We weren’t able to stay focused all season. ”

He argues that firing coaches “is never something you want to see,” even if “it’s part of the business “.

Beauvillier says he is “happy” to be able to start on a new path next season with former assistant Trotz Lane Lambert as head coach.

“It’s fun for us not to necessarily just have unfamiliar faces. […] We want to get our team back to where it was a year or two ago. ”

A front row selection “guarantees nothing”

With the Canadian holding the top position in the repechage, Good Friday was an opportunity to question a former first choice in the person of Marc-André Fleury. Notice how “incredible” his selection was in 2003. “It all seems to have happened so quickly, says the goalkeeper. Then it was over. He advises the selected player to “try to take a step back, sit down for a while and realize what happened”. “There’s still a lot of work to be done after that,” says Fleury. It’s a nice honor, but it guarantees nothing. ”


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