Mont VR, an intrusion into virtual reality


SAGUENAY – Reopened in March, Mont VR de Saguenay, located in the Intencité leisure center of Saint-Antoine in Chicoutimi, offers its customers a virtual reality gaming experience.

“We officially opened in November 2021 and COVID forced us to suspend our activities for two months. We have really started to reopen. Mont VR is a center where video game enthusiasts can come and test what we call virtual reality, “explains owner Nathan Boivin.

The 26-year-old entrepreneur left a career in the financial sector to undertake this project. “I think this immersive medium represents the future of video games. I am a big believer in the development of technology in the field of virtual reality headsets and have decided to launch into this sector while the train is in motion. “

In the coming months, Nathan Boivin will continue to run his business with an employee. He does not currently plan to hire an additional resource. “The Intencité complex is not yet open to full capacity. If necessary, I am considering hiring another employee. This is the advantage of our business model, it requires few people to operate. “

A turnkey service

Mont VR is not a Saguenay concept. This is a company born in Montreal in 2017. At first, SME was exhibited in various metropolitan festivals and events, which contributed to its popularity. The first company of its kind in Quebec to offer a virtual reality experience, Mont VR became a franchisor to continue its growth across the province. “It is a turnkey service. I invested $ 150,000 for technological equipment and fittings in the company’s colors and the managers of the Mont VR parent company accompany me in every phase of my project. The deal with them comes down to a percentage of my sales they reserve. In return, they handle everything related to marketing, payment solution, game licensing and technical support. “

The meeting with the owners of the Intencité recreational complex also took place through Mont VR. “While I was developing my project to open a franchise, the owners of Intencité turned to Mont VR to integrate a branch as a whole. So we got in touch and a partnership was born immediately. “


In the virtual reality sector, the two main competing companies are Oculus, owned by Facebook, and Taiwanese multinational HTC. Both develop, manufacture and market hardware support such as virtual reality headsets and gamepads.

“The technology used and made available to our customers is that of the two major players. In the case of Oculus, the headset has a built-in computer and requires no other equipment. For HTC technology, our twelve headsets require a computer each, ”explains Nathan Boivin.

In addition, more than two thirds of the investment for opening a Mont VR center is for the purchase of computers. These have powerful graphics cards and latest generation processors. “Customers have the freedom to play alone from a library of games or as a co-op team in arena-style games. For the moment, there are still no Esport-type competitions offered by us. It’s something that isn’t impossible. in the future. Everything will depend on the needs of customers and the evolution of technology ”, concludes the young entrepreneur.


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