Microsoft Defender extends malware protection for macOS and Android, the tool is accessible via subscription and aims to simplify the security of personal devices


On Thursday, Microsoft launched “Microsoft Defender for Individuals,” a new security product that aims to simplify the security of personal devices. This new offering combines several security elements into a single dashboard. Microsoft says the tool can show protections for some of the most popular antivirus software, including Norton and MacAfee. Plus, it can protect a wide range of devices, not just Windows PCs. The applications for this software are already available on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

A little over a month ago, Microsoft announced the availability of its security tool for small and medium-sized businesses: “Microsoft Defender for Business”. The company announced that the standalone version of “Microsoft Defender for Business” helps protect against ransomware and other cyber threats, bringing “enterprise-grade endpoint security to SMBs.” Underlining the importance of this solution, Microsoft reports that nearly a quarter of SMBs have experienced a security breach in the past year, often due to a lack of the staff and resources available to companies.

On Thursday, Microsoft launched another member of its growing “Defender” branded product family. This new tool, called “Microsoft Defender for Individuals”, aims to protect families of devices, not just Windows PCs. The tool will offer malware protection for multiple operating systems, along with safety tips and the ability to check the protection status of all devices linked to your or your family’s Microsoft account. It is now available to Microsoft 365 subscribers and will work on Windows, macOS, iOS / iPadOS and Android devices.

Vasu Jakkal, Corporate Vice President of Security, Compliance, Identity and Management, stressed that as people use a variety of devices, security efforts can be divided. To keep your private data and devices safe, people often turn to multiple security products, with widespread security monitoring and device management. This fragmentation makes it even more difficult to track the rise in online threats, Jakkal said. He also explained that this new Defender software is an offshoot of the “Microsoft Defender for Business” product.

The application supports various features on different operating systems. On macOS and Android, it offers real-time protection against malware. On Windows, it doesn’t include this feature as Microsoft Defender Antivirus software is already included by default in all installations of Windows 10 and 11. Antivirus protection is also not available on iOS and iPadOS, where Apple restricts the app type of thing. third parties can do. The “Safety Tips” will only be provided in the Windows and macOS versions of the app.

Jakkal said Microsoft plans to introduce other forms of protection into the tool in the future, including “features such as identity theft protection and secure online access.” Microsoft has so far highlighted four ways that “Microsoft Defender for Individuals” provides protection:

  • manage your safety protections and view safety protections for all members of your family from a single, easy-to-use centralized dashboard;
  • view existing virus protection (Norton, MacAfee, etc.). Defender recognizes these protections within the dashboard;
  • Extend Windows device protections to iOS, Android, and Mac devices for cross-platform malware protection on the devices you and your family use the most;
  • Receive instant security alerts, repair strategies, and expert advice to protect your data and devices.

“Microsoft Defender for Individuals” is available with a Microsoft 365 account, which also gives you access to 1 TB of OneDrive storage, an Outlook mailbox, Microsoft Office apps, and video calls with Microsoft Teams. A single Microsoft 365 account costs $ 70 per year and covers up to five devices linked to a person’s Microsoft account.

A family account costs $ 100 per year and covers up to six people, who can connect to five devices each. Existing subscribers can download the app and sign in with their Microsoft accounts. Jakkal said that people who are not family or personal subscribers cannot purchase the “Defender for Individuals” tool, but a free 30-day trial for the product is available.

Source: Microsoft

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