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Windows 11 will evolve deeply this year with a major update. The new version, stamped 22H22 (22 for the year 2022, H2 for the second half, H which refers to half, half in English) and nicknamed Sun Valley 2 (code name internally) should therefore arrive in a few months, from autumn, and perhaps during the summer, according to some rumors. One thing is certain: the next edition is being finalized. The publisher had officially confirmed this in late May, during its developer conference, entitled Build. Since May 24, a so-called RTM version has been circulating for testing purposes via the Windows Insider Program and with partners. And on June 7, Microsoft began rolling out a finalized test build (Build 22621) to Insider members via the Release Preview channel. This final validation and refinement phase will last several weeks, during which Microsoft will continue to refine its new system by fixing bugs and improving features.

A difficult migration

At the same time, the publisher will continue the deployment of the current version of Windows 11, offering the update – always free – on all PCs with compatible Windows 10. A logical process as Windows 11 has not had the success hoped for since its release in early October 2021, with many users who preferred to stay with Windows 10, even when they had the opportunity, not to suffer the plaster cast of the new system, which he suffered from several youthful defects.

It should be acknowledged in this regard that Windows 11 was not the announced revolution. Contrary to what Microsoft suggests, this is an evolution of Windows 10. A sort of super update that brought several changes to the module –

above all in terms of interface – but not in substance, since the functioning of the system is practically unchanged. Everything, in fact, suggests that, under commercial pressure, the publisher has slightly upset its schedules by dressing up its system a little hastily with some innovations originally planned for the Sun Valley project: new with old. Worse still, for security reasons, Microsoft has drastically changed the game in terms of compatibility, with hardware requirements prohibiting some PCs, even fairly recent ones, from upgrading to Windows 11, particularly due to the TPM 2.0 device.

However, we mustn’t throw stones at Microsoft – Apple is doing exactly the same thing with its system.

MacOS, which every year evolves in small steps with some innovations and improvements by changing the numbers and leaving even the old Macs on the sidelines … Not to mention the fact that even Microsoft has to deal with the millions of versions of Windows used in the company: a framework in which migrations are naturally slow, due to obvious practical problems (installation, configuration, compatibility with professional applications, security, etc.).

Also, and this is probably the biggest criticism we can make of Microsoft, the launch and distribution of Windows 11 took place in utter confusion. Not only were not all the features announced during the June 2021 presentation not present in the initial release – and some still are not, such as support for Android apps – but in addition, many bugs have contaminated the first updates of the system, a times forcing Microsoft to recommend uninstalling them a few days after their distribution, it’s time to find a solution! And to sow more problems, the publisher has discreetly added and modified several applications installed as standard on the updates, almost by surprise, without communicating them clearly. So much so that it is difficult for an uninformed user to know exactly what is currently built into Windows 11.

The new system will run Android apps, opening Windows and PCs to a whole new world. Screenshot

A major version with many new features

Everything should change with Windows 11 22H2, at least we hope so. Unlike the many updates that have circulated since the release of the system last October, this version will constitute a real evolution, to the point of being qualified as a major. Recall that, contrary to what was done a few years ago with Windows 10, Microsoft has decided to implement only one “large version” of its system every year by bringing real functional innovations – like Apple – the intermediate updates, called maintenance, mainly used for correct problems and improve stability. And considering the various flaws and shortcomings of the current Windows 11, one could consider 22H2 as the first truly finalized version of the new system.

Therefore, in addition to the cumulative patches that it will integrate, the 22H2 version will bring many improvements as well as several functions and applications promised or unveiled in dribs and drabs in recent months. Here is a small overview of the main news.

File Explorer

Windows 11 Explorer will evolve. Therefore, the folder icons will be able to preview their content. Microsoft also promises better integration than OneDrive, its standard integrated online storage system. But above all we hope to see the Explorer get tabs, for easier navigation in a single window, as in all web browsers.

The Start menu will give you the ability to create folders to group applications. Screenshot

Start menu

Much criticized, in particular for its central position in the taskbar, the Windows 11 Start menu will give the possibility to create folders to group applications. It will also offer a new setting to choose the number of pinned and recommended items.

Application bar

Much criticized also for the fact that it has become immovable, the taskbar will evolve allowing the dragging of files between applications, as with Windows 10. We do not know if we will be able to move it.

Windows 11 22H2 will finally allow you to run Android apps, opening Windows and PC to a whole new world. This feature, made possible by the integration of a virtual machine (via the “Windows subsystem for Android”), was promised as soon as Windows 11 arrived in 2021, but was only available later, and only for the US market. This time, it is official, it will be present in other areas, including Europe.

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Windows 11 will evolve deeply this year with a major update. The new version, stamped 22H22 (22 for the year, 2022, H2 for the second half, H which refers to half, half in English) and nicknamed Sun Valley 2 (code name internally) should therefore arrive in a few months, from here in the fall, and perhaps during the summer, in …


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