Meta will require the creation of a new account to delve into the metaverse


Mark Zuckerberg’s company will soon launch a “Meta account” that will allow owners of a Quest helmet to use it without going through Facebook. It’s a bit complicated, but let’s explain.

It was a promise from Mark Zuckerberg, it will be kept: soon it will no longer be necessary to use your Facebook account to use a Meta Quest helmet. From August, the Menlo Park company will launch a new type of account, subtly called “Meta account”.

Now it will be essential to configure and use a Quest, even for those who already use their Facebook account to take advantage of the virtual reality headset. “Starting August 2022, anyone using Meta VR devices for the first time or who has already merged their Oculus account and Facebook account will need to create a Meta account to access their devices. we can read in a press release from the company. Meta doesn’t mention this, but it is therefore assumed that Quest users will be prompted to create a new username and password next month to continue enjoying their games and experiences.

From Oculus to Meta, via Facebook

It’s a 180 degree turn for Meta. In the summer of 2020, Mark Zuckerberg’s teams had in fact angered the users of his helmets by forcing them to swap their good old Oculus account for a Facebook account. At the time, the company saw it as a good way to bring VR users closer to its other services. But this decision had aroused intense criticism, at a time when Facebook was at the center of much controversy related to respecting its users’ data: what about confidentiality? What about advertising tracking?

Since it changed its name in October 2021, everything has changed in Meta, which no longer wants to highlight its “Facebook” brand. The “Meta account” will therefore not be a “social” profile associated with a list of friends, such as an Instagram or Facebook account. It will simply be used to manage device and application purchases.

But Meta will obviously not completely abandon the list of friends that made her famous. In addition to this Meta account, the company that ” invite to »Then to create a« Meta Horizon »profile (are you still following?). This, however, will be “social”: it is what you will have to use in social applications and then the metaverse – if it ever exists – to communicate. It will consist of creating a nickname, appearance through an avatar, profile photo, etc.

Greater confidentiality

Burned by countless controversies, Meta is also keen to take all possible precautions to avoid new controversies. Therefore, the people you connect with via your Meta Horizon profile will no longer be ” friends “, but” subscribers “, Like on Instagram. So, “You can choose whether or not to share your online activity and status updates, such as the apps you have and your achievements, with your followers. ” says Meta.

In addition, Meta will offer three levels of privacy for your social profile: “open to all”, “Friends and family” and “Only you”. And it will also offer a “private” mode (activated by default for minors aged 13 to 17) that will require your followers to get your approval to follow you.

Clarification: The Meta account will be made mandatory for the last resisters, those who still use their Oculus account, from January 2023.




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