Memorial Cup: Eliminate Cataracts


SAINT JOHN, NB | Shawinigan Cataractes’ dream course lasted 88 games. Daniel Renaud’s men lost 4-3 in extra time yesterday in the Memorial Cup semi-finals.

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Prospective Montreal Canadiens client Jan Mysak scored the winning goal in 9:52 in the first extra period to propel the Hamilton Bulldogs into the Grand Final. They will have an appointment with the Sea Dogs of Saint-Jean on Wednesday evening.

Well placed in front of the net, Mysak deflected defender Nathan Staios’s shot behind Antoine Coulombe to sow hysteria on the bench of the Ontario champions.

SPO- Hamilton Bulldogs to Shawinigan Cataractes

Photo QMI Agency, John Morris

“It’s the biggest goal of my career. I was waiting for this goal since the beginning of the tournament and I chose the right moment. We are very excited to be able to play in the final, “commented the hero of the evening.


Cataractes certainly have nothing to be ashamed of their performance. After a poor performance on Saturday against the Sea Dogs, they remained in the game until the end on Monday.

It was not enough, however, to extend the winning streak in extra time to eight.

“The players have to come out with their heads held high. They will forever remain President’s Cup champions and the first to do so at Shawinigan in 53 years. They have achieved things that have exceeded my expectations as a manager thanks to their dedication throughout the season, “said Renaud.

For many it was the last game in junior hockey, including captain Mavrik Bourque, inconsolable after the defeat.

“Since the start of the playoffs, we have been confident. We believed in ourselves, but we didn’t have the jumps on our side. I think the tank is empty on our side. We gave everything on the ice and I don’t think we could give much more. The Dallas Stars said hopefully, amid a few hiccups.

Even in extra time he had taken advantage of a golden opportunity, but his shot was stopped by Marco Costantini with the pad.

the end of nowhere

Yesterday’s match, in addition to the Bourque, marked the end of the junior internship of 20-year-olds Pierrick Dubé, Zachary Massicotte and Martin Has, as well as that of Xavier Bourgault, who next season will also make the leap among the professionals. the Edmonton Oilers organization.

“Besides being the end of a tournament, tonight is the end of nowhere [lundi], assured Renaud. The players are young and it is the beginning of their adult and professional life. It is the end of a chapter and the beginning of another adventure. Considering the quality of people we’ve had this year, it’s the start of 24 great personal stories. I have no doubt that they will all have a very good life, regardless of the path that awaits them. “

A thought for families

Furthermore, before the match, the manager had reserved a surprise for his players. Instead of giving a motivational speech, he instead delivered a personalized letter to each of his protégés, containing a message from their family.

We had the opportunity to have 24 good players, but also 24 good people. You don’t have 24 good people without 48 good parents. It was a nod to families and pensions for the work they did, “explained Renaud.

SPO- Hamilton Bulldogs to Shawinigan Cataractes


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