Megaspawn and which Pokémon to find in Pokémon Legends: Arceus


Like space-time warps, megapartitions are areas where Pokémon appear in large numbers for a limited period of time.

How to unlock Mega Appearances

To be able to see megaspawns on the map, you must:

  • Complete the main mission in Pokémon Legends: Arceus until you see the credits
  • Have downloaded at least the 1.1.1 update of the game
  • Activate the side mission “95: Sudden New Changes” by trading with Ryza on the plains of Obsidian
  • Complete side missions to access megaspawns in each area of ​​the game: ’95: Sudden New Changes ‘, ’96: Obsidian Plains Megaspawn’, ’97: Crimson Swamp Megaspawn ‘, ’98: Lazuli Coast Megaspawn’ “,” 99: Operation Greedy “,” 100: Megaspawn at Crowned Foothills “,” 101: Megaspawn in the wilderness “and” 102: Hisui’s Awakening “

When and how do you know if Mega Apparitions have appeared?

Several conditions must be met:

  • The weather must be rain or blizzard if you are in the pristine lands
  • Question marks appear in areas where Megaspawn is taking place
  • The NPC at the exit of Rusti-Cité will notify you of the appearance of mega-apparitions

You can increase the appearance of the Mega Appearances by going back and forth between Rusti-Cité and the different areas of Hisui until you see the Mega Appearances.

The Pokémon that appears in this Mega Appearance has not been discovered. You can go there to see which Pokémon appear or give Gowav Berries to Goinfrex to get the information.
A star indicates that a massive appearance will follow the one already underway with the evolved version of the Pokémon
You will be able to recover Gowav Berries if you Knock Out a Pokémon or if you catch it

Get the Gowav Berries

You can also use Gowav Berries to see Pokémon in Megaspawns without going directly to them. You will have to give Goinfrex 5 to get this information on the map. Goinfrex is always next to Ryza, near the Bivouacs.

  • You will receive Gowav Berries as a reward from side missions 95-102.
  • You can grow it in the orchard of Rusti-Cité
  • You will find some in the mega-apparitions that have the image as an indication if you catch Pokemon or knock them out

Megaspawns or huge spawns?

Megaspawns are more interesting than huge spawns because:

  • You have a better chance of encountering evolved or non-evolved Baron-type Pokémon
  • You will have a better chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon in an area
  • You can’t know until you see the area or use a Gowav Berry on Goinfrex which Pokémon will appear in Megaspawns
  • One zone allows you to have multiple megaspawns at the same time

What is the spawn rate of Shiny Pokemon?

States Evaluate
Base rate 1/316
The Pokémon is at level 10 in the Pokédex. 1/293
The Pokédex page is completely completed (perfect) 1/256
The Pokémon is level 10 in the Pokédex + Chroma Charm 1/241
The Pokédex page is fully completed (perfect) + Chroma Charm 1/216

How long do the mega-appearances last?

Double-check the map and game screenthe indications let you know if the mega-appearances in the area are active or on the contrary if they disappear!

Attention, the return to Rusti-Cité makes the mega-apparitions in the area disappear.

Message on the screen Time left
… Is not about to stop 5 to 9 minutes
… should still rage for a while 2 minutes 30
it should stop soon 1 minute
It seems that … it has stopped 0 minutes

Pokémon that appear in Mega Appearances

Plains of obsidian

Crimson swamp

Coast of the Lazuli

Crowned Buttress

Uncontaminated lands

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