Maveric Lamoureux, “best athlete” of the year


Each year at the NHL Assessment Camp in Buffalo, project applicants undergo a series of physical assessments. Cardio, leg strength, hand strength, balance – it’s all there.

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Guillaume Lefrancois

Guillaume Lefrancois
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However, Maveric Lamoureux ranked in the top 10 in 11 of the 18 categories. That’s why Ryan Jankowski, co-director of amateur scouting for the Arizona Coyotes, was thrilled to get his hands on what he considers “the best athlete” in this evaluation field that was attended by nearly 100 applicants. Lamoureux, a defender, was drafted at 29And classified by the Coyotes on Thursday night.

“Because he is 6’7 and moves so well, he will be able to develop. You still have a long way to go. But when you have those skills and that skating, she’s quite a chunk in an organization, ”Jankowski said proudly.

Lamoureux was one of two Quebecs declared in the first this year, the other is striker Nathan Gaucher.

Noah Warren, on the other hand, although perceived as a phenomenal athlete, did not particularly distinguish himself during these tests, but was nevertheless selected in the 42nd.And Anaheim degree. Proof that some teams relativize the scope of assessments.


Noah Warren

“The test results give us an athletic picture of the player at point A, observes Martin Madden, big boss of recruiting for the Ducks. In terms of predictive qualities, he doesn’t really tell the story. We see the player’s potential and what we will need to do to help him progress. If his tests of him are not remarkable and we still see his athletic qualities of him on the ice, he imagines when he will have developed his athletic skills! ”

Speaking of the Coyotes, they have drawn twice instead of once in the QMJHL, since getting their hands on Jérémy Langlois at 94And rank.


Jeremy Langlois

The defender wasn’t the easiest player to spy on, as Coyotes Amateur Scouting Director Darryl Plandowski recalled.

“I’ve been following him since he was 16, he gave us more time. But he got injured, there was COVID and he plays in Cape Breton, so there are many obstacles! He was in a difficult situation in Cape Town, as the team didn’t he never won. The fact that he survived says a lot about him. He’s a good young man. ”

The poor Screaming Eagles finished the season with a record of 14-47-7, the worst of the QMJHL.

No, Kent Hughes ultimately didn’t enlist his son, Jack. The Los Angeles Kings have their sights set on Habs GM’s son at 51And rank.


Jack Hughes

Jack Hughes had high hopes of being claimed early round, even though NHL Central Scouting dropped it from 7And to 26And rank of North American skaters in its final ranking.

Hughes, however, got a good old “TED Talk” from Martin St-Louis.

“Even though Martin wasn’t drafted, that didn’t stop him from becoming the player he has become,” Hughes wisely recalled. He gave me good advice, he told me to take advantage of the moment, that my rank wouldn’t change who I am as a person, as a player. He allowed me to be more relaxed today. ”

Jordan Dumais didn’t make friends with NHL Central Scouting this spring. The striker told our colleague Katherine Harvey-Pinard that the scouts who work there, “if they were really good recruiters, they would work for an NHL team.”


Giordano Dumais

Dumais finished the season at 3And ranking in the QMJHL with 109 points. The only two players who have supplanted him, Joshua Roy and William Dufour, are older than him. Despite this impressive production, he had to wait 96 yearsAnd able to discover his fate, when the Blue Jackets claimed him. Obviously, several Scouts had reservations despite its offensive production.

Dumais, however, did not make as explosive comments as he did last spring during his meeting with the media. Will he feel he has something to prove because of this degree of late selection? “Sure, but all my career I had something to prove,” he replied. People tell me about my size and my skating. I just have to work hard. ”

We asked Dumais if NHL Central Scouting employees questioned him this week about his comment in the spring. “No, I haven’t talked to anyone. ”

The young man obviously no longer wants to cause a stir.


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