Mask, outdoor dining: the good summer gestures in the face of the resumption of the covid


As covid contamination is on the rise again, a seventh wave seems to loom this summer dawn. Vacation departures are coming soon, which will generate some beer. How to take into account the rebound of the epidemic to limit the risks?

The incidence rate of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus exceeds 600 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at the end of June 2022, with a sharp increase in the number of positive cases: as of June 24, there were an average of 66,461 positive cases per day, that is. a 50% increase over the previous week.

This peak represents an all the more pronounced risk before the summer holidays, conducive to family and friendly reunions, and to a wider mixing in busy tourist resorts. For now, the increase in contamination does not trigger a hospital spike. But, in advance, you need to adopt the right behaviors. How do we protect ourselves and others as the seventh wave looms?

The question arises all the more since no barrier is technically imposed on the territory, which requires appealing to individual responsibility. The latest doses of the vaccine, too, are starting to date for many people – and the 2nd booster dose (or “4th dose”) is still limited only to people over 60 or immunocompromised.

The mask

The mask is no longer mandatory indoors from March 2022. The same applies to transport from May. Despite everything, wearing the mask was still very useful, mandatory or not, as the coronavirus did not disappear suddenly: the incidence rate remained high, and well above the alert threshold, for months and months.

Indeed, in the midst of an increase in covid cases, wearing a mask seems all the more important in transport and in closed public places (The FFP2 mask allows you to protect yourself and others; the surgical mask mainly protects others and partially reduces the risks for you). While not mandatory, it is a key gesture.

There is no need to wear the mask outdoors if there are no crowds around you, but in an enclosed space it is very useful for you and others. // Source: Pixabay

Self-isolate before the holidays

During the summer holidays, the chances are good that you are planning trips to destinations in France or further afield, where lots of sweets and fun await you to share with your loved ones. To avoid clusters (epidemic outbreaks located within a group and a place), the ideal is to plan a period of isolation a few days before your vacationif your work allows it or at least to reduce contact.

If you have any doubts before departure – because you have not been able to isolate yourself or think you have symptoms -, a antigen test or PCR then it’s the right thing to do.

Ventilate or stay outdoors

Ventilation remains the decisive gesture against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which is transmitted by air. If in winter the cold can be a psychological obstacle, although ventilation takes only a few minutes per hour, nothing comes to hinder in the summer (except heat waves, but very short as the number of days on the scale of the pandemic). During your summer meetings, the ideal is therefore see each other as much as possible in the open airfrom prefer open spacesfrom eat and party outdoors. Clearly, favor all the shared moments in which the air circulates.

Don’t throw your masks anywhere

A little ecological common sense: if wearing a mask in transport and indoors seems indispensable at this time, it is necessary to make sure that it is also associated with good practices. This concerns in particular the ways of disposing of used masks: do not disperse them in the environment for any reason – beach, forest, etc. – because they pollute enormously and take years to degrade.


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