MacBook Pro (2022) test review: So how much is the Apple M2 worth?


The MacBook Pro M2 is here! While waiting for our test, and especially waiting for the MacBook Air M2, we have read the best tests of the specialists to answer the question in the title of the article.

MacBook Pro M2 - Goldem
MacBook Pro M2 // Source: Golem

The new MacBook Air M2 is not yet available. However, the MacBook Pro 13 came a little earlier.

With the M1 and its expansion stages, M1 Pro and M1 Max, Apple has already proven that there is no longer just Intel and AMD for laptops. Apple’s SoC, based on ARM technology, positively surprised us in the MacBook Air M1 2020, and otherwise in the MacBook Pro M1. Now the MacBook Pro with M2 chip is the direct successor to the M1. This time around we know what kind of SoCs to expect. The leap in performance isn’t that significant, but that doesn’t make the M2 any less impressive.

MacBook Pro M2
MacBook Pro M2 // Source: The Verge

Let’s quickly move on to the outward appearance of this MacBook. Outwardly, it hardly differs from its predecessor. Measure the same height and weigh the same. Too bad: Apple doesn’t take the opportunity to integrate slightly thinner screen edges. The webcam is also pretty average with 720p HD definition. There is always the TouchBar, it stands the test of time on this machine. Finally, there is no new Thunderbolt port … One drawback of the direct predecessor remains: the M2 chip still supports only one external display. The expansion stages of the M1, namely M1 Pro, Max and Ultra, do best at this.

MacBook Pro M2 // Source: The Verge

The only noticeable change to the 13-inch MacBook Pro is therefore the M2 chip., so let’s see what the specialized press thinks about it. Apple said the M2 chip has an up to 18% faster CPU, up to 35% faster GPU, and up to 40% faster neural engine than the M1 chip. Memory bandwidth has also been increased by nearly 50%, from 68GB / s to 100GB / s thanks to the use of LPDDR5-6400.

Range of records, improved performance

Tom’s Guide US begins by noting the considerable autonomy of this product, like the first model. It has more than 18 hours of autonomy, enough to work a very long day. It is further improved over the previous model (16 hours), it is also the MacBook with the longest battery life.

As for the measured performance, the testers noted a significant performance improvement over the MacBook Pro M1, but it falls far behind the MacBook Pro 14 M1 Pro. Many testers agreed that the redesigned MacBook Air with the MacBook Air might be worth waiting for. M2 chip, which Apple says will be available in July. The latter features newer design elements like the MagSafe charger, a 1080p webcam, thinner bezels around the screen, physical function keys, and so on.

Benchmark example provided by MacWorld

However, one notable difference between laptops is that the MacBook Air features a fanless design, while the MacBook Pro has an active cooling system. This element will undoubtedly provide lasting performance for users with more demanding workflows, without having to spend more to upgrade to the higher models (14 and 16 inches).

MacBook Pro M2 - Golem
Source: Golem

The advantage of the M2 is partly due to the higher clock rates in multi-core operation and partly to the higher power consumption. The M2 in the MacBook Pro can permanently consume 22 watts instead of 10 watts (15 watts for the Mac mini M1). This is where the small fan kicks in, with a barely audible noise.

The Apple NVMe AP1024Z soldered SSD also offers great performance. measured 3185 MB / s in sequential read and 3101 MB / s in sequential write in Amorphous Diskmark, the macOS version of CrystalDiskmark. It is therefore comparable to models previously installed in MacBooks with an M1 chip.

Wait for the MacBook Air M2

It is clear, regardless of the site we read (and despite the qualities of this MacBook Pro), that the testers invite us to wait until the arrival of the MacBook Air M2.

If you just need a good new laptop, wait for the next MacBook Air. You get a slightly larger and more modern screen, a better webcam, better speakers, and fast charging, all in a lighter package (and fun colors!) – Wired

The MacBook Pro 2020 amazed us with the resounding arrival of the M1 chip. The MacBook Pro 2022 does even better thanks to a more efficient M2 that tops the list of processors for today’s ultraportables. We are sorry that the design of the computer is identical to that of previous generations and that it does not benefit from the novelties of the MacBook Air M2, but the build quality and that of the screen are still excellent despite the lack of ports that may annoy some users. Apple is still unbeatable even in the field of energy efficiency; the exceptional battery life of the MacBook Pro M2 proves it here. – Digital

The MacBook Pro 13 is a great laptop with great performance and unbeatable battery life, features that put it ahead of some of its PC rivals. Zoom out and it’s hard to see where this model fits in Apple’s portfolio. The most direct rival of this entry-level Pro is not the more premium versions, but rather the MacBook Air. Not only does the Air have a lower starting price, but it has a bigger screen, better webcam, four speakers, more interesting color options, a thinner chassis, and the benefit of a traditional key row.Gizmodo

It would be the perfect device for someone like me, if it weren’t for the new MacBook Air. This new MacBook Air, also powered by the M2, is coming very soon. It will be, as far as I can tell from Apple’s website, the same price as the MacBook Pro M2 for the same specs in most cases. But unlike the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air M2 has undergone a major overhaul and includes all kinds of new features, including new colors, a bigger screen, a 1080p webcam, and most importantly, MagSafe. – The border

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