MacBook, Mac Studio … high temperature warning on delivery time


What do Apple and car manufacturers have in common? Not the car … well, not yet … rather the waiting times before we can start its new acquisition.

Just like you have to hit the curb before receiving a brand new vehicle, it takes a fisherman’s patience to receive a few Macs. And not just new models, the MacBook Air M1 is also desired on the Apple Store, when other Macs ask. to wait for the eve of autumn!

All this is very mixed, you can have a nice surprise, receive your purchase earlier than expected. Delays can sound like an accordion, stock in stores can make up for the long wait online. The fact remains that this trend is almost general in the range of Macs, it rubs and gets stuck in the pipes of production and logistics.

the MacBook Air M1, the first of the name, despite being in range for two years, faces deadlines like everyone else. Its very simple version in 8/256 GB foresees an arrival during the first week… not in July… but in August. Contrary to what we see in other families, it is by adding options that we reduce the delay. Not much, as we are going on July 26 / August 2. We dare not imagine what awaits us for his successor in M2 …

This MacBook Air M1 has not changed since the announcement of the M2 – it has even increased by a few tens of euros – we might as well go and buy it on Amazon or in refurb (there are often), plus we will pay less.

Marketed since yesterday, the MacBook Pro M2 he’s still wise about deadlines when he’s not looking for an option. The two base models, which differ only in SSD capacity, will be available from June 24th, as planned.

Wanting a little more RAM or SSD postponed to July 4/6 is still reasonable. It’s the 24GB RAM option – unknown on this machine and built into the processor, as with the M1s – that derails the dates. We will have to wait a priori for the first week of August.

MacBook Pro 13

MacBook Pro 13 “M2: orders are open

The two studio mac in their basic configurations in the M1 Max and M1 Ultra they are available from June 28th to July 5th for the former and from August 9th and 23rd (which is a long time!) for the latter.

The choice of options can skew those given impressively, but none do as well as the M1 Ultra option. Taking the more powerful of the two Utra (20 CPU cores and 64 GPU cores) the delivery arrives around 23 September. At this rate we will receive his iPhone 14 before his new Mac.

Same thing when you are satisfied with the first M1 Ultra (20 CPU cores and 48 GPU cores) but allocates 128 GB of RAM instead of 64 GB Processor and RAM are now closely tied with the M1 / ​​M2, a top-of-the-range combination in an extraordinary period it produces unprecedented delays.

For the MacBook Pro 14 and 16 “ deadlines announced on base models are tight as we are invited to wait until the period between July 26th and August 9th. And this on condition that you don’t want an M1 Max instead of the M1 Pro, otherwise it will be around August 16 instead.

Promotions: the best prices on MacBook Pro 14

Promotions: the best prices on MacBook Pro 14 “and 16” (up to -260 €) 🆕

The 24 “iMac. celebrated her first birthday last month and is no exception. We will have his starting configurations for June 21, on the other hand playing with the options will delay the arrival of his car in mid-August.

It is quite variable when you go to Boulanger, Fnac or Amazon, you have to sort between colors and specifications. It doesn’t go beyond the first week of August for the more robust versions, while the basics are available.

Peripherals are not spared. Whatever you choose as a variant of the StudioDisplay, the new Apple screen will be desired until the middle of summer, between the beginning and the end of August in the worst case. Dealers like Fnac or Boulanger won’t be of much help, the former has no stock, the latter only seems to be able to deliver the standard model, for June 21st.



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