LEGO Con 2022: New Super Mario and Minecraft sets


On June 18, the LEGO Group aired its second LEGO CON of the year and unveiled new sets from the universe of Super Mario, Minecraft, Marvel, Star Wars and more.

(Image credit: LEGO)

The event lasted two hours and included, among other things, interviews with LEGO designers. The part that interests us here, however, are obviously the different sets related to video games unveiled during this event. All sets shown here will be available later this summer.

lego minecraft

Two new LEGO sets inspired by the Minecraft universe were unveiled last Saturday. First, the new abandoned village (set # 21190) where you can fight zombie villagers in the ruins of a Minecraft village. The set consists of 422 pieces and displays for $ 59.99.

The second is the Skeleton Dungeon (set # 21189) which includes a generator and rocks that can be attacked to fall on pursuing skeletons. The set consists of 364 pieces and displays for $ 44.99. The two new Minecraft sets are scheduled for August 1st.

Lego Super Mario

There are several new releases on the horizon for LEGO Super Mario collectors. All new features will be available from August 1st.

First, LEGO is releasing a brand new character pack with eight characters from the Super Mario series, which can be used to interact with other elements of the Super Mario series. They are Chipin, a Purple Toad, Brother Marto, Dendinardg, Toady, Baby Yoshi, Red Yoshi, and Dark Blue Maskache. The Series 5 character set (set # 71410) includes 47 pieces and will retail for 6.99%.

Also new is the Giant Spike Cloud Challenge expansion set. (set # 71409). This pretty height-crafted set includes 540 pieces and will be available for $ 89.88.

The next set is a fun little expansion called Goomba’s Shoe (set # 71404). It only includes 76 pieces and will retail for $ 13.99.

The Peach cat costume and Frozen Tower expansion set allow you to, among other things, transform your Peach figure into a cat. This beautiful large set includes 494 pieces and will be available for $ 99.99.

The next set is an iconic location from the Super Mario series, the Peach’s Castle expansion set (set # 71408). The set includes 1216 pieces, so it’s quite complex to assemble and will be available for $ 169.99.

The next, much smaller, but still cute, set is the Yoshi’s Gift House expansion set (set # 71406). This small build includes 246 pieces and will be available for $ 39.99.

The latest set featured for the Super Mario series is Adventures with Peach Starter Level (set # 71403). This starting level includes an interactive Peach figure that you can move to play. This set includes 354 pieces and will retail for $ 74.99.


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