Legend of the Seas: Capture Manaphy and Phione in Pokémon Legends: Arceus


Manaphy and Phione are available in Pokémon Legends: Arceus! Follow the guide to catching Pokémon, available in the side mission “The Moon Plate”.

It is not necessary to capture Manaphy and Phione to encounter Arceus. If possible, disable autosave in the game options to avoid losing Pokémon.

Obtain the “Legend of the Seas” side quest.

To get the “Legend of the Seas” mission, you must:

  • You must reach rank 5 as a member of the Galaxy Group.
  • Accept the side quest “66: Legend of the Seas” on Professor Lavender’s mission board inside the Galaxie Group Headquarters in Rusti-Cité. You will trade with Professor Lavender shortly after, the NPC will tell you about the mission and give you some clues.

Unlock the cave to meet Manaphy and Phione

The book “Legend of the Seas” is a reference to a book that you can find in Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Pokémon Sparkling Pearl, in the Joliberges library.

In the book it is written:

A long, long time ago, a Pokémon called Prince lived in the East Sea. One day, a brave human being eager to meet this prince went to seek help from the sea Pokémon that inhabited this sea.

Thus it was that a Babimanta, a Mustébuée and a Qwilfish with large thorns, recognizing the courage of the brave human being, agreed to accompany him in his search. Our four heroes then took to the sea at sunset and entered a cave whose entrance formed an arch that rose above the waves.

Upon hearing the news, the prince joined our heroes at the Creux du Cap.

The legend of the seas

As you understand, you need to find a Babimanta, a Mustébouée and a Qwilpik to add to your team.

Pokemon Where to find it?

Lazuli Coast: Ginkgo Beach and Serenity Bay

Qwilfish evolved using the multi-toxic attack 20 times in Power Style

– Plains of the Obsidian: Val Ferrache, Rive Filevent and Pont Rocheux
– Costa dei Lazuli: Mont des Capumains and Lagune des Bains

Now head to the Costa dei Lazuli. If it’s not evening, go to the bivouac to sleep until evening.

At the level of the sand hand and more precisely the middle finger, you will see two horns or fingers protruding from the water. Grab your mount and go to the center.

If the conditions are met, you will hear Manaphy scream and the cave will be accessible. Head to the cave.

Attention! Back to the Bivouac, switch your team with Pokémon tall enough to take on the 4 Pokémon, 3 x level 35 Phione and 1 x level 50 Manaphy.

Capture Monaphy and Phione

  • When you enter the cave, you will face 3 Phione and 1 Manaphy who will not hesitate to attack you!
  • To remove the shield that protects them, throw a Pokéball at a Pokémon, then throw a Pokémon to face the Pokémon of your choice. Try to face them one after the other to catch them.

  • If you wear them all at once, you risk being knocked out before you can catch them. Capturing just one Phione is enough for your Pokédex, so you can also choose to get rid of the other 2 to capture the last one.
  • Don’t forget to go back to Professor Lavender to complete the mission and collect your reward.

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