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Jonathan Drouin has been the victim, despite himself, of numerous criticisms in recent days. The Quebecer is (unfortunately) used to it as the fans have been against him since he arrived in Montreal.

Alexandre Pratt, of La Presse, has explored the issue in recent days. He took as an example a text we wrote on DLC in relation to Jonathan Drouin, who spoke to the media on the sidelines about the funds raised for the Fondation du CHUM.

The text, as reported by the journalist, did not invite people to hatred. It was about the fact that Drouin likes the way Martin St-Louis coaches and is looking forward to working with him. That’s all.

But despite everything, the invitations to close one’s eyes were numerous towards him. Too many.

But why is this so? Why has Drouin been attacked like this since he arrived in Montreal in 2017?

Especially from there, the context was obvious: not only has he played bad games, he is recovering from a serious injury and raised money for a good cause. These are not gestures that normally arouse hatred, right?

But in Drouin, for years, that’s how it worked. How come?

In his editorial this morning, Jean-Charles Lajoie embarked on an analysis of why Drouin is more criticized than other Quebecers at the Canadiens. I invite you to listen to it because it is better to listen than to read.

Is it because people don’t believe it? Why does he make a lot of money? Why are the expectations too high? These are the possible solutions that have been raised.

But ultimately, there are social networks that add fuel to the fire. Whether it’s hater comments or junk sites, as JiC said, there are plenty of places to start with fires.

Unfortunately, some Hockey30-style junk blogs aren’t helping the case. – Jean-Charles Lajoie

I really feel that few people in Montreal have experienced what Drouin has been experiencing since Quebecs are experiencing it in the age of social networking. I’m not here to “compare hate messages” from people who have received them over time like Patrice Brisebois, but via Twitter or Facebook it’s easy to quickly insult Drouin when a post is about him.

Because yes, criticizing him is normal. Drouin is not a perfect player, but we don’t have to want him to “close his eyes” just for a history of defensive withdrawal, for example.

It is a nuance that must be made and that everyone will have to adapt.

In this year that promises to be difficult for the Canadiens, we will have to learn not to always destroy a boy like Drouin, but simply to criticize him. Otherwise, it will not be viable for anyone.

I hesitated to write the text knowing precisely that it would attract unnecessary hatred of Drouin once again. It just gets heavy for everyone.

When Drouin took a break in 2021 to take care of him, we thought he would change his attitude. That said, without wanting to sound too much of a preacher this morning, clearly there is still a long way to go.

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