Kaiden Guhle would like to have the chance to play (again) with Justin Barron


In view of next year there is often talk of young defenders who will try to break into the Canadiens formation. From the lot? Kaiden Guhlé.

The 2020 first round pick is arguably the best defender in Canada right now and he was doing well in AHL when he played there at the start of the 2021 season. This could lead us to believe he is ready for a bigger challenge, that of the NHL. .

But it’s obviously his next retreat that will tell us a lot about that. If he behaves well he will have the chance of him, but even in such a scenario we cannot exclude the possibility of seeing him do some laps at the end of the orange line, in Laval.

And as the Canadian’s chief interested in podcast said, if he’s going to play Laval, he’ll go.

Guhle, who loves hiring Marie-Philip Poulin in Montreal, will work hard wherever she is. But his goal is clearly to play Montreal as often as possible.

However, he is aware that he has things to work on, starting with the way he works with the record. He wants to move better when he is in possession of the puck for the continuation of things.

What’s also interesting is that the left-handed defender has been talking about his relationship with Justin Barron.

Barron, who was acquired by Colorado, has an extra year behind the draw in the pros. This makes him start one step ahead of the others – not to mention he’s right-handed.

By the way, Guhle said he was looking forward to playing Barron again and would like to pair up with him again.

After all, a year and a half ago the two defenders were paired together at the World Junior Championship during practice and created a formidable pair during the tournament.

I was thrilled when I found out about him [Justin Barron] was sold to Montreal. – Kaiden Guhlé

If they get a chance to play together again, it will be to the delight of Guhle, who has developed a chemistry with Barron on the ice, but also off the ice. He thinks the seafaring native is a good guy.

If it can facilitate the transition for the two boys, so much the better.

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