Justin Barron moved by Crosby’s comments


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In Game 1 of the rookie tournament in Buffalo, Canadiens defender Justin Barron had a C on his shirt. It is a great sign of respect on the part of the organization, which, let’s not forget, has insisted on being part of the agreement with Avalanche for the services of Artturi Lehkonen. Two years ago he was also named captain of his youth team with the Mooseheads and his leadership skills have always been recognized, he who is still only twenty years old. But should we be surprised?

It must be said that Barron has a unique opportunity, to join and skate in the summer with two of the best players in the NHL, Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon. Two players who serve as inspiration for Justin Barron, even if they play in a different position from him. “You should see the pace they have established in practice. They don’t take any exercise lightly and they don’t miss a workout. They are real professionals and it is contagious ”.

These are nice words from Barron who says he has the privilege of supporting these players he idolized when he was younger, him who grew up in Halifax and them across the water, as he puts it so well. , in Cole Porto.

words heard

After the exchange sent Artturi Lehkonen to Denver, it was learned that Sidney Crosby had told some teammates that he was very fond of Justin Barron and would not make such a trade. Today it’s easy to say that Lehkonen helped Avalanche a lot to win the Stanley Cup, but the Canadiens now have a young defender who shows great promise on his roster.

Barron heard of Sidney Crosby’s words that warmed his heart. “I have some friends who sent me Sidney’s words. It is really cool. It’s special to hear this kind of thing about you, even from a guy like him. I learn a lot from him. He is a simply fantastic player and person. I can also tell you that he constantly helps me to improve ”.


  • Emil Heineman will have to carve out a place with the Canadians if he wants to stay in America, otherwise he will have to go back to Sweden. Although he was drafted two years ago, he only signed his entry-level NHL contract after being traded to the Canadiens. In fact, since he’s not a first-round pick, he won’t be able to play Laval (AHL) this year if he’s not able to play in the NHL. According to agreements with international federations, a European player must re-enter the squad that holds the rights to him if he does not play in the NHL. This rule exists only in the first year of a player’s entry contract.
  • Juraj Slafkovsky and Filip Mesar are exempt from this rule as they were drafted in the first round.
  • The players who did not play Friday’s game, Juraj Slafkovsky, Jan Mysak, Justin Barron and Arber Xhekaj, will play Sunday’s game. The players most likely to be invited to retire next week will play two of the three games of the rookie tournament. At least that’s the plan. Kaiden Guhle will play Sunday’s match, his first of the tournament and will also be invited to retire.
  • Owen Beck once again had an excellent match. He has very few flaws in his game, he also wins the vast majority of his salaries and continues to earn points.
  • Buffalo has been preparing for the NFL Monday Night game for several days, when the Titans are the visitors. The children will only go to school on Monday morning and will have to go home afterwards to allow their parents to head to the Bills stadium and enjoy the tailgate.


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