Justin Barron has “all the tools to become a great NHL player”


Interesting is the succession of the Montreal Canadiens on the blue line. The names of Jordan Harris, Kaiden Guhle (who has just been named MVP of the WHL playoffs) and Justin Barron often emerge when discussing the team’s future as a defender.

The latter, acquired by Avalanche in the Artturi Lehkonen trade, has received much praise since its departure from Colorado from members of its former organization. Even Sidney Crosby believed that Avalanche had made a mistake in parting with Barron!

And yesterday, in the waves of 91.9 Sports, it was Jérôme Mésonéro’s turn to praise the boy.

The Quebecer was an amateur scout in Colorado for eight years after doing some jobs in the QMJHL and had only good words for Barron.

The defender, in his view, “has all the tools to become a great NHL player”, and was far from worried about the youngster’s future. He is not the first to reiterate these kinds of comments, let’s put it this way.

Good comments are pouring all over Justin Barron and that’s what makes the hope so intriguing. However, he will have to prove himself at the next team retirement after playing his first games with the Habs kit in 2021-2022.

We can expect it to start next season in Montreal, but we don’t necessarily have to believe it will be excellent from the start. Barron is very young (on November 15 he will celebrate his 21st birthday) and will take advantage of next season to perfect his game.

This is Martin St-Louis’s plan, however. The next campaign is not intended to win the Stanley Cup, but to supervise the youth of the team and offer them support in their respective development.

That said, let’s see what Justin Barron is capable of before we evaluate him properly. If we believe the comments of many people around him in Colorado, he is likely to become an excellent hockey player.

Lot of

– Chicago advances to the Calder Cup final.

– Will he play?

– I wish Avalanche would win for MacKinnon.

– This is the question of the day in New York.

– Good game.


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